Donnie McClurkin – We are Victorious!

By Ewalt Ainsworth 07-16-2014

Please do not come expecting your eggs over easy and your bacon on rye.
This year’s Victoria breakfast morning promises to deliver authentic Creole dishes that are fulfilling and motivating. We need it now or never.

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Victoria Village Breakfast Click picture to enlarge

The organizing committee has deliberately planned the breakfast as a meeting with a purpose to discount the trials and tribulations, the deaths and debts the populace has had to endure in spite of a lofty tradition of purchasing their community 175 years ago.

Victoria needs all its peoples irrespective of their station in life. The purpose of the breakfast morning is to rekindle and recapture the spirit of togetherness and productivity.

This writer recalls the origin of the breakfast morning in Guyana as a home spun device by teacher/ playwright/ community activist Bertram ‘Bum’ Charles who had migrated in 1955 and returned twelve years later with a purpose to start the related arts group of Victoria.

In that era the group tried to recapture the cultural and literary traits of the community and embraced fashion, dance poetry, rhythm and authentic food by sponsoring coffee mornings.

Eddy Grant ‘Village Life’

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