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Cousin Eileen Dorothy  Morris who celebrated her 94th birthday last August, fell in her home immediately after the protracted earth tremor that rocked all of Guyana, Trinidad, Venezuela and other regional territories a fortnight ago.

Cousin Eileen was physically active and had no major complaints.  She was the mother of ten….five boys and five girls and  one of her grandchildren is a practising physician in Guyana and from confidential family reports, kept a close eye on her granny  literally and metaphorically.

Cousin Eileen was a staunch member of the English church at Cove and John and on Thursday September 6th the resident priest will preside over her  funeral.

She was also the keeper of some of Victoria’s deepest secrets and a great subscriber to the oral traditions of the  Peoples Republic of Victoria.

One of her favorite nephews Jeggae is celebating his 62nd birthday September 9th and will be in Jamaica. From all accounts he is planning to duck in to Guyana for the funeral and rejoin his family on this planned and accustomed annual tradition.


Spiritual Baptist music medley – by Cirica Lewis

Td Jakes  –  The aroma of prayer from service on August 5, 2018


Funeral for Archie “The Bull” Coddett in Ottawa on Friday July 6. 2018

Video: Natalie  Cole with Kirk Whalum Falling in love with Jesus



Archie Coddett

Beloved friend and patriot Archibald R Coddett will be funeralized on Friday July 6th and Saturday July 7th. Viewing will be at the PARKDALE UNITED CHURCH OF OTTAWA just off the Queesway highway, Parkdale exit west.

Archie come August 8th would have been 77. He died alone in his apartment on the morning of June 26…..a Tuesday. Reports from his comrades and friends suggests that he had a perennial problem with his lungs and was preparing the morning in question for a scheduled visit with a medical specialist.   Continue reading

Nigerian Man buries father in brand new BMW

Nigerian man buries father in brand new BMW


Gives a new meaning to ‘underground car park’

Published 13 June 2018 – By James Allen

A RECENTLY deceased man in Nigeria has been buried in an unusual alternative to a conventional coffin: a brand new BMW X5.

Claimed to have cost 32m Naira (roughly £66,310 at current exchange rates), the BMW X5 burial car was allegedly part of a promise made by the man’s son. According to reports, the wealthy Nigerian had pledged to one day buy a brand new car for his father —

with the BMW burial car being his way of honouring that vow.        Continue reading

Britain: The Windrush Generation – No Longer welcome – BBC History

Britain: The Windrush Generation – No Longer welcome – BBC History

Passengers on the Windrush were told they they were headed for the ‘mother country’ and that they were all welcome. What did they experience after their arrival in Britain? .

Arthur Curling

Windrush immigrants

I came to England first in 1944 in the Airforce. I returned back to Jamaica in 1946 after spending two years there, it was too small for me. I joined the Airforce when I was 16 at the same time I left school, took my test and waited for the results. It was something beautiful at the time to all the young fellows in uniform. You think you want to be a part of something, but apart from that you can’t always say why you do something, you’re young, you don’t stop and think of the dangers and things, you just do what you feel you want to do regardless of what your parents say. My parents did not approve in the beginning, but they had no choice at the time, but like everything else, its your life or your education, you gain an experience.     Continue reading

Which countries get the most sleep? – Richer countries of course

Which countries get the most sleep?

Richer populations tend to be more well-rested

JAMES TOZER | APRIL/MAY 2018 – The Economist Magazine

Donald Trump makes do with four hours. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is up before 4am. Nearly half of all senior managers say their performance is unaffected by burning the candle. The rest of us seem positively indulgent by comparison: we get an average of seven hours and 12 minutes of shut-eye each night according to 1m worldwide users of Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks night-time sound and movement.

READ MORE         Continue reading

Guyana: Land Co-op formed to reclaim Bachelors Adventure backlands

Land Co-op formed to reclaim Bachelors Adventure backlands

March 20, 2018 – Kaieteur News –By Feona Morrison

Residents of Bachelors Adventure, East Coast Demerara, want to reclaim ancestral backlands which they say were stolen by Booker Sugar Estate in the 1950s. And to do this, the residents on Sunday formed the Bachelors Adventure Land Co-op Society. They had gathered for a meeting at the Paradise Primary School, East Coast Demerara.

In their first efforts at repossessing the lands, members of the Land Co-op disclosed that they will write to President David Granger, the Land Select Committee, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) and National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).  Continue reading

Ghana’s autistic models turn heads and win awards – BBC News

Ghana’s autistic models turn heads and win awards – BBC News

These autistic teenage girls have become successful models in Ghana, where they have won awards and been made brand ambassadors for a water company in Ghana.

The BBC went to see Yacoba Tete-Marmon, Nana Ohenewaa Kuffour and Maame Bema Baffour Awuah strut their stuff……. SEE VIDEO ON LINK BELOW    Continue reading