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Swamp Dogg – I Got To Get A Message To You


BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                                                    07 30 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA:  Emancipation day (aka African departure day) this year will see a mass mobilization of all civil and civic minded Guyanese joining a 10,00 strong motorcade from the   SQUARE OF THE REVOLUTION to l Linden where the slain comrades from the bauxite community will be laid to rest.  It is also expected that Prime Minister Sam Hinds and Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee will both separately tender their resignations as “no-confidence” motions take root in all centers of influence.

President Donald Ramotar is expecting both men of African heritage to depart as a symbol of early departure as the end-game seems imminent and expedient.  AFC’s Nigel Hughes is leading the charge against the PPPC jagabats.  Simultaneously the AFC is ramping up international ballistic experts and intensifying fact gathering crusades.  All the ducks will be lined up in a row to face murder charges.  And these will include the police commanders, the Home Affairs Minister, the Todd(lers), the drug dealers who donated the guns and bullets, the mini-bus operators that drove the TSU gunmen and all other personnel intimately involved in the operations.  Jagdeo may also find himself in handcuffs before the end of Ramadan. Continue reading

Linden dead: AFC secures forensic expert for ballistics test

Swamp Dogg – Sam Stone

Linden dead: AFC secures forensic expert for ballistics test

The Alliance For Change (AFC) on Friday disclosed that it has secured the services of a UK-based forensic expert who is willing to help with the ballistic testing of the metal fragments recovered from the bodies of the three dead Linden protesters.

Executive member Nigel Hughes told Demerara Waves Online News that the expert, Dr. Mark Robinson, was willing to observe the ballistic tests spearheaded by the Guyana Police Force and conduct his own.

He added that he has formally written acting Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell seeking his permission for Dr. Robinson’s involvement and is awaiting his response.    Continue reading

Guyana gov’t puts electricity hike “on hold” ; opposition sees grey areas

Guyana gov’t puts electricity hike “on hold” ; opposition sees grey areas

July 25, 2012 – Demerara Waves

The Guyana government Wednesday night announced that it has put a hold on increase in electricity rates from July 1, paving the way for a technical team to examine the feasibility of a tariff hike.
The terms of reference for the Technical Team would be hammered out by representatives of government and the Region 10 Administration, according to a statement from the office of the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon.

Government also said the two sides have agreed to explore economic initiatives and business financing. The Region 10 administration, according to the government, has agreed to submit investment proposals to government by the end of August.
But A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Aubrey Norton said his side remained uncomfortable with government putting on “hold” rather than “suspending” the tariff hike. Continue reading




By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          07 25 2012

ALUTA CONTINUA.  The absence of a check-list may have averted a major-major massacre in Linden last week this time.  This is one time the ignorance and stupidity of both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar worked in their favor. The PPP with Todd(lers) unleashing brute force on black people now has to confront the sugar workers in Albion this week.  Eight days into a prolonged strike not a bullet has been fired or a protester arrested.  This on one hand is causing the ire of black people and on the other; folks want to know who is sleeping at the proverbial wheel.  POCO-ADANA is the wakeup call Lindeners are now issuing to Ramotar after the unsuccessful ambush bullying them into paying higher electricity tariffs.

Instructions to head of TSU…TODD, was to harvest at least 20 dead.  One can easily deduce that Rohee meant 20-dead black men.  And if that was the case the Linden community is saying: POCO-ADANA”.  In Wapishiana ‘poco-adana’ means wake up.   Continue reading

Rohee to face no confidence motion in parliament

Rohee to face no confidence motion in parliament

Written by Kwesi Isles   Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 17:59
The combined opposition parties are to lay a motion of no confidence in Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee in parliament on Wednesday following the deaths of three protesters in clashes with the police at Linden last week.The motion, initiated by the AFC, comes one week after the trio was shot during protests against the government’s move to increase electricity rates in the town to bring them on par with the rest of the country.“We are going to be doing that tomorrow in the National Assembly.Even before the AFC’s initiative I had written the Speaker of the National Assembly asking for a special sitting of the National Assembly to discuss what is called an urgent matter of public importance … and permission has been given by the Speaker for that matter to be discussed,” Opposition Leader David Granger told reporters at a news briefing Tuesday.      Continue reading


Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross



By EWALT AINSWORTH                                   07 23 2012

LFSB means LONGEST FLOATING SOCIALIST BRIDGE.  Some folks thought that it meant Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham but they get lowra.  None shall pass.

Guyana’s military is wavering and refusing to step into the theatre of despair as the transportation infrastructure linking  Georgetown with regions three, two and one collapses for lack of maintenance and forward planning.  None can pass to get to and from West Demerara.  Some ballahoos/canoes with outboard motors have been thrown into the fray in the absence of organized ferries but they are a poor and dangerous substitute.

Parika was almost a ghost town and the Charity market which is normally humming on a Monday was short lived.  By noon Monday there was no roti, no channa, no fry fish, no biscuit or bread or water or soda along the routes on both sides of the river to snack on.  Some folks had to resort to BHOOP & ROLL sandwiches….fried breadfruit slices which seems to be in season.  CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.             Continue reading


He Saw My Need – The Grace Thrillers


By EWALT AINSWORTH                                                      07 22 2012

One of Victoria’s greatest story tellers, philanthropist and community organizer and carpenter boss, Fitzoy Wilson-Tuesday has  moved on to the great beyond.  In Guyana, Fitzroy better known as PIGGY, was also chairman of the  BELBAAG  Rice Producers cooperative and later pioneered the housing development scheme outside of the Belfield residence of former President, LFS Burnham.

Fitzroy in some circles was also called PRESIDENT for all the good things he would say and do and was highly respected in the Indian communities along the East Coast.  He was a great friend of Cecil Ram, the Kaladeens and neighbor of MARAKA.           Continue reading