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From Darkness to Light – By Vladimir Elie

darknessFrom Darkness to Light
By Vladimir Elie

Another year falls into darkness and the sun of a new year is rising, filling our hearts with hope and anticipation—and perhaps, for some, apprehension.

I enjoy this time of the year, not only because of the celebrations and the quality time I share with friends and family, but also because it offers me an ideal opportunity to reflect on the past year and prepare for the upcoming one.

Like most, during the past 365 days, I had my fair share of ups and downs. I’m sure you had too. That’s life: there are sunny days and rainy days; there are bright mornings and dark nights; some days are warm, while others congeal our soul. But through the vicissitudes of this past year, God has kept his light shining upon me (and you). And, even when situations were dark—sometimes very dark—His light remained on us.  Continue reading

Guychina in the making – the selling of Guyana to China

Eugene and Oatmeal Christmas song

Bai Shan Lin ships 1,200 containers of logs annually

December 14, 2014 | By | Filed Under News

 …refuses to maintain 100km of road it destroys daily
By Gary Eleazar 
A significant escalation in logging activities over the last three years in Region Ten has led directly to the destruction of the more than 200 kilometres of roadway between Kwakwani, Linden and Georgetown.rd

According to official figures, an average of 40 heavily laden trucks traverse the worsening stretch of road each day between Kwawkani to Linden. They are also met by others heading to Georgetown, thus destroying that stretch of road also.
The majority of the trucks on the Kwakwani to Linden road belongs to, or contracted by Chinese logging company, Bai Shan Lin, which has also significantly escalated its activities in the Region. Continue reading


Third World- Now that we have found love.




At the very outset of the PPP coming to power 22 years ago, they introduced a very bipolar administrative structure. They vehemently refused to do business with blacks and other visible minorities. As a result built a facade of distrust, disdain and disgust between and among the populace.

The PPP has perennially viewed blacks as lazy and unconscionable. Truth be told, this form of stereotyping has fostered non functional cooperation and an endemic bout of incompetence that the PPP will never recover from. And now that the PPP has taken the brash and brazen step to suspend parliament, regret is not a prescription for redemption. Continue reading





Ivor StrakerThe last time Ivor George was seen alive was with his younger brother Vibert who spends 20 hours weekly as his home companion.

That last meeting was on Tuesday 25th November 2014 and no one else heard or saw him again. Apparently Ivor AKA Ivan Straker fell in his apartment where he lived alone in the Oranges. All of thanksgiving he laid there alone fully clad and lifeless. His stepdaughter found him on Friday 28th November 2014after several attempts to get him on the phone. Continue reading