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Clement Rohee and Patrick Mentore: Criminals Overseeing Police?

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Clement Rohee and Patrick Mentore:

Jagdeo-PPPC Cabal Criminals Overseeing Police?

Patrick Mentore

Patrick Mentore

Georgetown, Guyana: June 25, 2013 – Guyana’s Attorney General Anil Nandlall admitted today what even those paying mild attention to the PPPC government already know: the PPPC government does not have the WILL to prosecute big criminal fish, including money launderers and narco-traffickers. Indeed, many of these criminals are political cronies of the Jagdeo-PPPC cabal, fully embraced, employed and partnered with the PPPC regime; they are safe from honest Guyanese police.

Case in point, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, in May 2013, announced the names of ten civilians to oversee the implementation of the Guyana Police Force’s strategic plan. This team was to be led by a former police officer, US Embassy employee and disgraced money launderer and visa trafficker, Mr. Patrick Mentore.    Continue reading






By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                06 24 2013

Guyana is the mecca fuh typee.  With all the technology men still getting uncontrollably angry when they binnie  not crossing their legs and keeping their chastity belts up.  And you cant say is young boys alone; is everybody.  A Vincentian woman 90 days ago, shoot and kill instantly her Gt beau and toothless one-year old baby because a woman call and ask fuh some fine things.

This writer knows of three real time incidents of women attempting suicide on behalf of now deceased Cousin Wia;  only one get thru.

The FACEBOOK man should come to Gt and develop an application for co-applicants…the new and current description for both men and women who have typee for each other. Even with the new technologies on the market a Gt-binnie went to her dentist a few short weeks ago as a matter of personal philosophy and hygiene.   Apparently it is only when folks…women especially, are migrating that they check in with the dentist to floss and deep clean teeth.  The binnie almost gave the dentist the length of her tongue after some other rude words were exchanged.  Continue reading

APNU is disappointing many – by Henry Jeffrey

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APNU is disappointing many

Stabroek News – June 19, 2013 · By Henry Jeffrey
Recently, the leadership of APNU has been coming in for some all-round battering, largely I believe because it has not developed and/or has not been able to transmit an acceptable vision of the future, and its political antics have left many confused and with the belief that the party is comfortable with its new parliamentary stature.  This may not be the case but politics is about perceptions and there is little doubt that this is the widespread perception of APNU today.
I have argued ad nauseam in this column that having a written vision is important for many reasons, not least in that it helps stakeholders to act innovatively and in concert, even when faced with apparently unique situations. But in the absence of such documentation one’s general trajectory is normally deduced from one’s actions and this is precisely where APNU baffles.   Continue reading


Zandolie – “De Stickman”



By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                    06 22 2013

And if the raw materials are bad so too will be the end product.   The pregnant baby-mother of the son of  Transport Minister Robeson Benn, has been set up for a bamboo wedding any day now if he is to escape a jail time and further fracturing of his family’s normally stellar reputation.

Stick bruk in black people ears and celibacy should be encouraged.  Masturbation may cause blindness but in this corrupt and mischievous admin knows a thing or two about hurting and rescuing.
There is a lot of social engineering at play; the hostility and confrontation is a natural progression as the PPP tightens its grip on power.  Family matters; it is not normal to be angry much less to assault a woman who is bearing your child.  A head or two has to be examined here.    Continue reading

A-M-A-Z-D-A-I-N-G (pronouneed amazing) GRACE

Police likely to act following completion of the IDB probe – Minister of Home Affairs Rohee – 18th Jun 2013 – Capitol News



A-M-A-Z-D-A-I-N-G  (pronouneed amazing) GRACE

BY  EWALT AINSWORTH            06  20 2913

JUSTICE DELAYED IS TANTAMOUNT TO JUSTICE DENIED.   Amazingly….if a Blackman steals a bar of soap or infects/affects a woman from behind he is jailed and or court martialled in ‘oh-beautiful Guyana.  Amerindians now are coming under intense pressure in the Rupununi as they collate and co-operate to stave out the PPP who they claim are treating them like pets.

The Rupununi is big open country.  The Amerindians claim the PPP may mean well but unfortunately do not think well.

Thousands of East Asians show up in their reservations pushing them aside rudely and without apology.  A week ago the native women protested… not like the million Brazilians but for the same reasons.  The only plus recorded about the Chinese is that they pay cash.  Amazingly, Amerindians prefer grace and good taste rather than MAZDAS and PRADOS.   Continue reading




By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 05 24 2013

First things first:   A little known history fact…King Fighter…Shurland Wilson is a Victorian…born and raised.

The traditional annual breakfast of the PRV…PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF VICTORIA normally held this time of year…give and take a few days, has been pushed back for the first time to CARIBANNA weekend in August.

The organizing committee has problems finding the ingredients….the roti with the elephant on the package and items that promote nocturnal emissions.    The PRV is also burying comrades ….an average of a baker’s dozen each month and nocturnal emissions are simply not keeping up.

The funerals of   TAPS, WIA, LIL-BOB, ALIKI-BOB and some  significant other  suskaskies…(statistics)  have influenced sincerely  the roll-back of the dates.  The exchange rate in Canada is one-fuh-one; shopkeepers are not taking credit cards and so this alternative date is a win-win.  ASOMELYKAM.   Continue reading


Thank you Dad ~ DANCE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN  –   /Celine Dion


Former Health Minister Dr Richard Van West Charles buried his dad – Maurice Charles – who died in Canada after a brief illness.

His Excellency Mr. Maurice Charles was Canada’s first black judge and has been credited for opening many a door for other ethnic minorities globally in the land of the Maple Leaf.  Here is a brief extract of his life and times over 50 years on the bench.

Canada’s first Black judge, Maurice Charles, ‘opened doors’

Share Newspaper – Toronto Wednesday June 12 2013

Maurice Charles Judge Maurice Charles (r)

Maurice Charles, who in 1969 was named to the Ontario Court Bench making him Canada’s first Black judge, has died.

 The legal pioneer passed away last Friday at Toronto East General Hospital following complications from a stroke he suffered about a month ago. He was 92.

 Charles’ son, Dr. Richard Van West Charles, said his dad was active until about two months ago.   Continue reading