Heavy school bags a real pain in the back for students – The New India Express

Published: 06th February 2019 – The New India Express

Children going to school with heavy school bags.

By Express News Service
BENGALURU: For six-year-old Sulekha (name changed), the burden of a heavy school bag led to severe back pains, forcing her parents to take her to a neurologist for consultations. Her bones were found to be normal, but the pain never reduced.

She would get only temporary relief after using pain killers. It was later found that the pain was due to walking till her school with a heavy school bag on her shoulders. The pain eventually ceased once the load was reduced.

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Cro Cro – chop The Hand  – Dimanche Gras 2005

Brother Marvin – Brotherhood of the boat

Published on Jun 16, 2008
Jahaji Bhai
“I would be ah disgrace to Allah
If I choose race, creed or colour
Bahut Ajah had to make that journey
For I to have Zindagee [life]
So it is ah great privilege
To have such unique heritage
Fifty percent Africa, fifty percent India”…..Bro Marvin

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