PNCR sees attempted sabotage at Congress

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PNCR sees attempted sabotage at Congress

Following embarrassing confusion at its 18th congress, the PNCR today charged that there had been attempted sabotage which will be investigated and it also said that an “explosive sound” was heard just as delegates were assembling to vote.

PNCR Leader David Granger was returned unopposed after challenger Aubrey Norton withdrew in protest over the delegates list. There was also a ruction with the Region 10 group over the list of accredited delegates. Around this time a gunshot was fired after the Region 10 members tried to approach the area where voting was taking place.

The PNCR in a statement this evening said that it intends to mount an investigation of what it said was the attempted sabotage of its congress.

An edited version of its press release follows:

“Brigadier David Granger was returned unopposed and with the full acclamation of the hundreds of delegates and observers after the only challenger Mr. Aubrey Norton, minutes before the commencement of the poll announced that he was withdrawing because he was dissatisfied with the process.

“Other members who were elected unopposed were Mr. Basil Williams, Chairman and Ms. Volda Lawrence and Dr. George Norton- vice Chair persons. Dr. George Norton was elected Party Treasurer.

“Amidst some administrative difficulties over the delegate representation for Region Ten, a special effort was made by the leadership of the party and the accreditation committee to resolve all matters of concern that were raised. Finally it was agreed that irrespective of the difficulties concerning the issuing of delegate cards, all accredited delegates from Region Ten and/ or any other region whose names were on the lists would be allowed to vote in the elections.

“Mr. Sharma Solomon Regional Democratic Council Chairman(Region Ten) was issued with a copy of the final lists of approved delegates and Mr. Aubrey Norton one of the other leadership candidates was also issued with the official list of Delegates so as to allow them to observe and scrutinize the process.

“Earlier in the day two busloads of persons from Linden arrived at the Congress venue, all claiming to be delegates. During the registration process they were advised that there were no Delegate cards for them. Being very dissatisfied they then proceeded to block the entrance to the auditorium where accredited Delegates were assembling to vote.

“In the ensuing confusion an explosive sound was heard which caused momentary confusion. However order was quickly restored and the Congress proceeded with its business.”

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  1. Posted by Peter Sam on July 29, 2014 at 4:33 am

    This is so depressing, what has really changed in Guyana? No wonder we can hardly stay. Rigging seems to be a part of life in Guyana.


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