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Top Tracks by Kenny G

NUTRITION  BY ATTRITION           12 29 2012


Wrap your head around this ‘iq-592’ actuality/story.

A coz from overseas visited his old-aunt in Zeskendren, Mahaicony.  When the grand nieces and nephews and god-children saw the robust fella rolling thru the pasture, in harmony they all started crying bitter tears with green snat mix-up-mix-up.
Granny intervened and was very perplexed and so she asked a collective…”why alyou crying eh?”  And in unison they all replied…”Uncle does eat nuff and if he eat, none gone leff fuh we.”  Children are very perceptive and that is exactly what happened.  They got their belly full as soon as uncle turn back out.   Continue reading

Tony Greig – English cricketer, dies at 66

Tradewinds- Cricket in the Jungle

Tony Greig – English cricketer, dies at 66

Tony Greig Info:

Tony Greig dies aged 66

Tony Greig. Picture: Getty Images

Former England captain and cricket commentator Tony Greig has died after suffering a heart attack. He was 66.

Greig had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, but he suffered a heart attack at his home this morning and died at about 1.45pm (AEDT).

Read full BBC report here:



By Ewalt Ainsworth

Dysfunctional, dreadful and dependent is what the PPP government is about.  And this became pellucidly clear at the airport as throngs and throngs of Afro-centric Guyanese with bulges in their bosoms, laden hand pieces and smelly suitcases with carcasses of both birds and animals got thru customs easy-easy-easy. Processing in was simplified but simultaneously obvious that it was ‘food-less-food’ that will be carried forward into the new year with an intoxicating effect worst than the spirits smuggled in, backtrack.  Continue reading


Falling in love with Jesus – Kirk Whalum


Announcement: Orin Moses Death Announcement <click

Some 40 days and 40 nights after the demise of one of Guyana’s foremost and eminent insurance underwriters… ORIN MOSES, his family and inner circle are still tight lipped.

Orin was masculine in his thinking but feminine in his will to live.  Twelve years ago when he sustained his first stroke, BLACK-MOSES as he was fondly called, did not take precautionary measures.  Orin still pursued a vigorous life style and surpassing all goals, real and perceived.

Two years ago, he was humbled and immobilized by something worse than cancer; more lethal than a heart attack;  he became a medical refugee in the sunshine State of Florida.         Continue reading



Stories of survival have begun to emerge now that most if not all the 27 victims in the Connecticut school massacre have been buried.  Apparently the mother of the 20 year old shooter was a shop-a-holic and had conditioned her son…the shooter, to think that the world would have ended on 12 21 2012.  The mom who was so taken in by her beliefs became almost paralyzed and unable to perform usual chores except shopping.

Adam’s mom was a coupon specialist and bought everything off the rack and on line and hoarded everything because she felt the end was near.  We all know somebody just like that and so the psychologists and psychiatrists and economists and gun associations will have to retool and rethink their next move after the shopping holidays are over.   Continue reading




By: Ewalt Ainsworth

Renowned Christian psychologist Carl Jung must have been the one that pedaled the idea that alcohol was a low level search for spirituality. Guyanese are manufacturing new and creative ways to drink daily…bash-bash and if is foreign or authored by a foreigner, the more the merrier.  There is always a reason to drink but at the same time so many are experiencing declining health and do not live long enough to get their NIS.  No effort is paid to exercise and good nutrition but everybody has a sad story to tell as if the grass is greener on the other side.    Continue reading





Looking back over the years at Christmases of long ago some things change but nothing ent change….things just turn round and come again.  Christmas is still a struggle and a contentious event in which the greedy exploit the needy.  Take EZ JET for example.  One year after taking to the skies tek way reservations from 30,000 people who had planned to come home and drink-a-rum on a Christmas morning.  Right now the FBI got CEO Sonny Ramdeo and he singing; Sonny Ramdeo singing like a singerman and some people ‘behind’ biting.  But that is not what this item is about.    Continue reading

FBI arrests EzJet boss

Mighty Sparrow – Xmas Moppers

FBI arrests EzJet boss   

Demerara Waves   – Thursday, 13 December 2012

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of EzJet Airline, Sonny Ramdeo has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in connection with an alleged US$20 million payroll fraud.

Following his arrest in Brooklyn on Wednesday, he made his initial court appearance in a Federal Court in the Eastern Distrtict of New York. The FBI said in a statement that he is expected to be removed to the Southern District of Florida to answer a series of charges.  Continue reading

University of Guyana’s next Vice Chancellor tipped


University of Guyana’s next Vice Chancellor tipped     

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 11:28

Dr. Jacob Opadeyi   (right)

The University of Guyana’s next Vice Chancellor could very well be Nigeria-born Dr. Jacob Opadeyi if the institution’s Council accepts a recommendation by the interviewing panel, well-placed sources said Tuesday.

“What I can tell you is that the decision was unanimous,” an official told Demerara Waves Online News (

A selection panel is expected to submit the ‘winning’ candidate’s name in its report to the wider council on Wednesday December 12. The Council, which is the final decision-making, could either accept or reject the recommendation by the selection panel.   Continue reading

MO-BANKS FOR MO-TEMPO – 12 12 2012


MO-BANKS FOR MO-TEMPO         12 12 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

There is a big word this writer is looking to use to describe the obvious phenomenon of writing a robust story on: ’12  12 2012.’  Never again will we experience in this century the combination of 12-12-12 or 11-11-11 and wordsmiths should ‘cheers-to-that’ with a BANKS or two. Guyanese never squander money, coney or honey.  And so a buddy-buddy friend told of a word that has elasticity.  And the word is ‘alliteration’ and he told me at the penultimate moment before making the penultimate phone call and penultimate hour of this blog.

You know we Guyanese always looking for a lime and we could convert anything into a party; an opportunity to have a noggin or two and talk about the PPP petticoat administration.  And is only we too does run down the government and talk about how they corrupt and cantankerous and murderous and malicious and how the PPP have a symbiotic relationship with crazy-glue…they sticking together for life.    Continue reading