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LAPTOPS AND LEXWEES                             01 29 2012


Originally in my head I was prepared to write a few lines on my lawyer, my mechanic, my lifelong friend at the Bank of Guyana and other hazardous materials. I had the entire structure and layout on the computer all ready and rearing to go and then something happened.  I had to walk aside and later meld my disappointment about these jokers who have devolved into insecurity and need things, money and connive to look good.  Social investments, friendship and camaraderie have become obsolete, irrelevant and it is all about the towels (money).

Yeah I was trying to concoct and put some method to the madness but then I got a telephone call from an indigenous family and friend.  She got herself a PPP car but has no money to make the payments, so she is calling yours truly…”is only 30 towels a month” (US $150.00).  I had to tell her “I can barely pay attention much less pay for a car that she does not need, cannot afford, and lethal to her own welfare and mental health.”

She tried to be nice and cajole me about family, but commonsense must prevail. These days in GT the Jagdeo/Ramotar combo is doing anything and everything to launder the drug money and making victims of citizens. My family cannot drive and her teaching job is just a spit away.  In the end, she had to join with her sister and her daughter to pay for the LEXUS and christen it LEXWEE because all of them have to join and pay for it on a cooperative basis. Continue reading

UG’s staff and students issue ultimatum to Ramotar

Demerara Waves January 27, 2012.

Staff and students’ organisations of theUniversityofGuyanaFriday decided to issue an ultimatum to President Donald Ramotar to explain what is happening at the tertiary institution.

A well-placed source told Demerara Waves Online News ( ) that if the Guyanese leader does not respond by Wednesday unrest on campus would intensify.

Sparked off by the termination of Political Science lecturer, Freddie Kissoon’s contract and no offer of future employment, two successive days of picketing demonstrations have been already held outside theAdministrationBuildingat UG’s Turkeyen Campus.

The Workers Union (UGWU), Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) and the Students Society (UGSS) have come together to mount what they term “Operation Rescue UG.”  Continue reading


KHAKI-BOW-TIE MASHRAMANI                            01 28 2012


One of the great joys of being Guyanese is we get a second  last chance in February, Black History month or  at Mashramani/Republic celebrations, to put on a khaki bow tie and do-a-do-doo;  a lil mambo, a lil  chutney, a taste and buy, a lil back-back or a plain old Tennessee waltz with your boo or boo-boo.  Guyanese don’t mind how things bad; don’t mind the weather forecast and the accumulation of snow on the ground, they coming out to play.  They may skip the Valentine but the Mashramani, is wee.

Guyanese also like a fresh; a fresh outfit; a fresh meal; a fresh partner and if available, a fresh cold.  We would borrow, steal, work overtime or even work over just to make a freck to procure a khaki-bow-tie;  Sunday we go to church and ask Gentle Jesus to bless us in our broken/drunken and horrific state and pray for the rest of the year until the next-next time.  We forgive without getting vex and reboot and come again.  No pressure can keep us down; we love to party in a khaki-bow-tie.  Half a loaf is better than none. Continue reading


PAPER-BACK HEROES                                 01 25 2012


Self-deportation seems to be a GT thing.  The government is creating paper-back heroes out of deportees and licking down authentic scholars and professionals whose only sin is tabulating the gross in-efficiencies and in-effectiveness of Jagdeo and the PPP.  The hard core and hard cover versions of this episodic saga are protected, promoted and preserved at any and all costs. Remember, Jagdeo is still running things through his puppet -Ramotar.

Freddie Kissoon had the rug pulled from under him and GECOM whistle-blower Vincent Alexander, whose day-job is Registrar, University of Guyana.   Jagdeo is also pursuing an active program of ethnic cleansing by shooting down a certain sector of professionals and replacing them with East Asian nationals and criminals in equal doses.   Continue reading

UG Registrar could be next on the firing line

UG Registrar could be next on the firing line

Demerara Waves  -Wednesday, 25 January 2012

TheUniversityofGuyana’s Council decision for the position of Registrar to be advertised is being viewed with suspicion in some quarters as a move to get rid of incumbent, Vincent Alexander.

Well-placed sources note that the employment contracts of the Director of the Berbice Campus, Prof Daizal Samad and the Bursar, John Seeram were renewed last year although the positions had not been advertised.

Alexander’s contract is due to expire in April and the Council has decided that the post of Registrar should be advertised in another two weeks. He is free to apply.

Concerns have been already raised at the level of the Council about Alexander’s approach to his work- a signal, the source said, that the council might be setting the stage to find a replacement.

Alexander’s name was recently in the spotlight as the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Commissioner who ensured that accurate results of the November 28 general elections were delivered. An earlier tally had given the governing party a one-seat majority which it subsequently lost when Alexander uncovered the error.   Continue reading

Steve Bridges as President Obama – August 2011

Steve Bridges as President Obama – August 2011

Comedian-impressionist Steve Bridges performs in prosthetic makeup as President Barack Obama – August 2011

You may remember Steve Bridges as the guy who imitated George Bush on
the Jay Leno Show. He has now started imitating Obama and REALLY does
it well.



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                01 23 2012

There is a certain propensity by both politicians and parents alike, to duplicate and replicate themselves in communities and in families.

It is a silly-billy-singh  thing to want to make people do exactly like you do. Cloning is an active verb and ridicule a way of life in visible minority communities.  Parenting seems to be an obsolete skill as politicians create and manufacture social traps to keep the electorate in bondage while they drink bonded reserve in their penthouses.  That type of social bonding creates poverty and a class system.  These were never the ideals and ideas of Cheddie Jagan, Forbes Burnham and Eusi Kwayana.  Kwayana is the last man standing from that era and wishes Guyana well in shared governance and mutual respect.         Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH                              01 18 2012

Too many, too soon, too often, too alone die without a warm hand to hold or an instrument to create a living so that the complications and costs of an untimely and unilateral death can be contained.  The Government can surface and allay the fears by promoting normalcy in family values.  Politicians have a bounded duty to align comfort care with the elderly, give encore and local employment, provide market driven social security policies and give a plural outlook to community development.  Godfrey Chin’s death this week is the wakeup call for moral and ethical abundance.  Living alone should not be the recreational sport of older human beings, irrespective of their station in life. Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH    01 17 2012


In this era of voice over Clem’ and Godfrey’s voices are over

592 we have lost a collective believer men of the soil nationals of Guyana

Clem David a year ago and now Godfrey Chin on his way to a greener pasture

Single men but not singular a time to pause for a brewing disaster

As the trust deficit is growing and sticking like a cancer


Clem was a patriot and fighter

Godfrey lexis and visual narrator

Always willing to double back and come with a new chapter

For the edification and entertainment of all in colorful regalia

One had a mike the other took a stand in multi ethnic multi racial Guyana


Clem was a Touchau for the commoner and radio pioneer

He loved his craft the nuances spontaneity and was cavalier

Godfrey looked at content context and worked with flair

To make GT bright and give new meaning clarity to the mundane


Both these boys who became men lived alone

Their task is ended; they did not struggle they did not fight or break a bone

They spoke a language of content consistent crafted in monotone

None of us will be able to duplicate replicate or clone

Clem was a stalwart Godfrey a pioneer from a terrific zone

We will miss you both as you journey to your new and permanent home



BY EWALT AINSWORTH             01 14 2012

Last Friday night and immediately after President Ramotar entertained his first press conference the Coffee Street boys met for their usual weekend tete-a-tete.  The brainiacs brought in some snook in rigor mortise from the Lyken fish shop and had some queriman braff and a serving of shine rice.

The beverage was ‘fly’ left over from the festive season (drinking rum is now a form of protest in sympathy for the GT community.)  One of the more pointed discussions had to do with the President expressing disappointment that Brother Raphael Trotman was made speaker and how racist Ramotar was overtly condemning the new Speaker. Continue reading