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The Caribbean and Cuba: A True Friendship Should Rest on Principles

Gloria Estefan…Oye Mi


The Caribbean and Cuba: A True Friendship Should Rest on Principles

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 19:04

By Guest Columnist  by US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt

US Ambassador Brent Hardt

US Ambassador Brent Hardt

In recent messages to Cuba marking 40 years of diplomatic relations, the Government of Guyana and many of its CARICOM counterparts spoke of a partnership based on principles of solidarity and strategic partnership.

Notably absent from these messages were references to Guyana’s and CARICOM members’ most cherished national principles of democracy and human rights.  Although the countries of the English-speaking Caribbean have a proud democratic tradition and a commitment to respect for human rights at home and abroad, when it comes to the Cuban people this tradition is unfortunately set aside.    Continue reading


Monty Alexander…I SHOT THE SHERIFF



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 01 20 2012

From all accounts originating from the ‘iq-592- Republic former Home Affairs Minister and current General Secretary of the PNC Oscar Clarke, is expected to live after burglars apparently emptied several close range shots to his leg and groin.  He took them all before stumbling to the ground.  He is currently in stable condition at the Georgetown hospital and is regarded in stable condition.             Continue reading



BAREFOOT BOWJIE              01 27 2013


Last year about this time there was an unusual situation in a Phillipino doctor’s office in the Diaspora.  A barefoot bowjie almost made the doctor amputate the wrong breast.  The doctor asked her… ”Which side?”  Her response was …”da side Left” meaning right.

It was a good thing the intern was Guyanese too and was able to translate and bring the query to a responsible conclusion.  Continue reading

China’s population at peak toil – the Economist


China’s population at peak toil – the Economist

ON JANUARY 18th the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that the number of working-age Chinese shrank last year by a total of 3.45m. In the slow-moving world of demography, that is a big turning point. The mobilisation of Chinese labour over the past 35 years has shaken the world. Never before has the global economy benefited from such an addition of extra human exertion. Now the additions are over—and not just in China (see article).

One statistical scruple must be acknowledged. In the past the NBS has counted anyone between 15 and 64 years old as of working age. That age range is consistent with international convention and China’s own statistical yearbook. Continue reading

Lifespan and the sexes


Lifespan and the sexes

In the rich world, men are closing the longevity gap with women

Jan 12th 2013 | Economist Magazine

REG DEAN, who died on January 5th at the ripe age of 110, was unusual. Centenarians are rare in themselves, of course, but male centenarians particularly so. In Britain, where Mr Dean lived, five times as many women as men receive the famed card of congratulation from the queen when they celebrate their 100th birthdays.

That may, however, cease to be the case in the future, for the fact that women tend to live longer than men, though still true, is less true than it was, and the gap is shrinking—in rich countries, at least—every year.         [Read More]



Redjet, Ezjet refunds being processed

Busy Signal – Nightshift / One More Night

Redjet, Ezjet refunds being processed

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   Demerara Waves
Friday, 04 January 2013 17:02
Several persons seeking airfare refunds due to last year’s collapse of low-cost airline, RedJet, have submitted ineligible claims to the Public Works Ministry, a senior government official said.“I know that some of them might not be legitimate because we are presently looking at those requests and we found out that some of the tickets were bought in Barbados and other countries,” Principal Assistant Secretary in the Aviation Ministry, Derrick Jodhan told a news conference.  Continue reading


Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind – with David Letterman


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 12 28 2012

Happy New Year (ny) from the Diaspora…New York (ny) fuh short.  Permit me please to dump and lump the music and artiste I caught myself listening to….SIXTO RODRIGUEZ… For the New Year.  (SHOW LINK TO TOP TRACKS FOR RODRIGUEZ… see below).

These songs of despair and disease and dis-ease were recorded in a different place and time and era, but is oh so relevant today especially in the yard where security is just another word that has been neutered and made obsolete by the PPP.     Continue reading