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Cheryl Ainsworth

Cheryl Ainsworth

Official documents reveal that Cheryl Ainsworth was born October 15 1954, but her passion for good times and diversity prompted her to bring forward the bagwat to October 4.

There was fete and more fete underlined with comedy and good humor, Cheryl’s style. Henry Josiah a relic from yesteryear on his Musical Saw made a guest appearance. His daughter too lent her voice to the Negro spiritual throw down planned and executed by Cheryl at the Brooklyn Grace Temple venue. The ambiance was great and everyone was dressed to impress and celebrate the celebrated. Continue reading


Macao Parker- fa fa fa


He was a legend in his time and had dual citizenship in the Peoples Republic of Victoria and Buxton.

None of the folks contacted seem to recall the origin of Beef’s name. What I do remember is that Aliki Bob wanted to recruit him as a supervisor for the Guyoil gas station in the village and submitted to the region his name as RAWBEEF. Obviously upset, his quick retort was “WORK IS FOR WORKING PEOPLE”.

Raybeef used to refer to himself as a commoner and was a known quantity and activist in political circles.

It is no secret that he refused to work under the Forbes Burnham regime even though they were friends and shared ‘charash’ and local wines holiday times and national events. Beef earned his keep by playing the horses and being loyal to his friends and compatriots. When Cheddie Jagan became President he went to work as a security operative with Banks DIH and when the Jagdeo administration declared war on Buxton Beef fled to Trinidad. Continue reading

Stamford resident leads Fairfield County nonprofit

Baron -Woman standing tall

Stamford resident leads Fairfield County nonprofit
Elizabeth Kim – Published 6:44 pm, Saturday, September 27, 2014

Juanita James

Juanita James – Click photo to enlarge

Juanita James, CEO of the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, poses for a photo in her Stamford, Conn., home.

STAMFORD — Growing up in Brooklyn in the 1960s, Juanita James had high expectations even when others around her did not.

Although she was convinced she had the highest grades and SAT scores of her class, her guidance counselor at her all-girls Catholic high school tried to discourage her from applying to Ivy League colleges, instead pushing City College as an option.

“I was really annoyed at her,” she recalled recently, adding that in hindsight she thought perhaps the administrator might have simply been trying to shield her from disappointment.

On the surface, the odds seemed stacked against James, a black teenager raised by a single mom who worked as a seamstress. Continue reading

Geoffrey Holder, Bond villain and dancer, dies aged 84

David Rudder – Trini to the bone

6 October 2014
Geoffrey Holder, Bond villain and dancer, dies aged 84
Godfrey Holder
Photo: Geoffrey Holder with Jane Seymour in a promotional image for Live and Let Die (1973)

Geoffrey Holder, the Tony-winning actor, dancer and choreographer known to millions as Baron Samedi in Bond movie Live and Let Die, has died at 84.

Born in Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, Holder was also a composer, a designer and a celebrated painter.

He will be best remembered to many as the cackling Voodoo villain who dogged Roger Moore’s footsteps in his first outing as secret agent James Bond.

His other films included 1982 musical Annie, in which he played Punjab.

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