Birthday Party Marred with Tragedy

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Subject: Birthday Party Marred with Tragedy

By Ewalt Ainsworth   –  July 9, 2014

Hazel Marshall, a Guyanese teacher in the Georgia school system, amassed 36 of her best buddies for a visit to Panama to celebrate her 60th Birthday. All decorations and preparations were in place for the Saturday night party on July 5th in the hotel where they stayed, when a member of the group did not observe the Hurricane Albert warnings and ventured out on the morning of July 5th for a stroll on the beach at the resort.

Initial reports suggest that Mrs. Patsy Brerenon (Miss Patsy) may have suffered a heart attack and drowned that Saturday morning after being washed up on the beach several times from the forces of hurricane Arthur’s waves. Miss Patsy, 78 years of age, was a fiercely independent retiree and home maker and lived in Stone Mountain Georgia.

After missing Miss Patsy, her roommate Mrs. Marilyn Farley-Thompson found her struggling on the beach battered by the high tides. Spanish-speaking fishermen witnessed the event and pulled them both ashore. Marilyn was resuscitated by five attending doctors who were part of the celebrating group.

Her daughter Gail flew to Panama after hearing of her mother’s demise and will return by weekend with the body for internment in Georgia. There are suspicions that there may have been an altercation surrounding accommodation at the hotel resort, when Miss Patsy in disgust left for an early morning stroll on the beach.

As a result of the tragedy, all the birthday decorations were dismantled and memorial services were conducted in place of the planned revelry by teacher and preacher Roxy Parris. Final arrangements for Miss Patsy’s funeral will be announced later.

Jonathan Butler  – No Woman no Cry

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