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Family stunned with billboard announcing birth of family’s first girl in 137 years

Family stunned with billboard announcing birth of family’s first girl in 137 years

One South Carolina family was elated when a baby girl was born into the family for the first time in 137 years. But that surprise paled in comparison to seeing the baby’s birth posted on a 12-foot-tall and 24-foot-wide billboard along the side of a South Carolina highway.

The billboard was the handiwork of Will Settle’s coworkers, who put it up to surprise Will and his wife, Kelen Settle, much to their astonishment.     Continue reading



By Waltie Ainsworth

The highlights of the surprise birthday bash of Mr. Hutton Elliot Aubrey December were many and varied. First he announced the celebration of his 49th wedding anniversary with his wife MS Pamela December nee Robinson a distinguished teacher and life coach from Guyana.

Hutton also announced that his mom Ms Gladys Elaine December recently celebrated her 95th birthday and she gave a veral commitment to return to Hutton’s hometown of Baltimore in five years to celebrate his 80th.

The celebration was held at the Church of the Messiah on Harford Road in Baltimore and Hutton for the first time met with at least nine of his children and 20- odd grands and three great-grands. As a matter of fact one of the great-grands has as her first name December.   Continue reading



By Waltie Ainsworth

Any day now the new and improved reconstituted Guyana Airways will take to the friendly skies covering international ports such as Havana Cuba, Toronto Canada, Miami Florida, Kingston Jamaica and the traditional JFK in New York.

This new airline will bear the insignia of Air Guyana under a special arrangement with FLY JAMAICA.

Mashramani is our indigenous word which means celebration after a cooperative effort, and is observed annually on February 23rd, which is also the date that Guyana celebrates its Republican status. Air Guyana will take to the air during this special season promising low fares, comfortable accommodation, on-time arrivals and departures, good food and superb ambiance.   Continue reading

Nigerian officials row over ‘plastic rice’ – BBC News

Nigerian officials row over ‘plastic rice’

 Nigeria’s food safety agency has denied claims by the health minister that it has cleared the reported “plastic” rice.

A senior official at the National Agency For Food and Drugs (Nafdac) said the minister’s Twitter statement “is not their position”.

Health Minister Isaac Adewole had tweeted that tests by the agency found “no evidence” of plastic material.

About 2.5 tonnes of the “plastic” rice has been confiscated.

Rice is Nigeria’s staple food and it is a tradition for people to give bags of rice as a gift during the Christmas period.

Africa Live: More on this and other stories

Lagos customs chief Haruna Mamudu said on Wednesday the fake rice was intended to be sold during the festive season but has not commented on the health minister’s statement.

The official at Nafdac told the BBC’s Stephanie Hegarty that the tests were still ongoing:

“We are not done with comprehensive tests. We are still in the laboratory. We haven’t concluded analysis and it is not something we can conclude in two days.”

“We are yet to conclude the chemical and biological analysis,” he added.

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Panties And Personality: What Your Underwear Choice Says About You – Gigi Engle in Elite Daily

Panties And Personality: What Your Underwear Choice Says About You – Gigi Engle in Elite Daily

pantiesUnderwear is a secret a girl has with only herself, and the guy she’s sleeping with. It’s like a secret identity she hides under her clothes, a part of her feminine mystique she keeps tucked away from the eyes of the general public. It’s a part of a woman that belongs to her alone.

A lady’s choice of panties has a lot to do with her style. You might be able to guess what kind of underwear she’s got on under a pencil skirt or maxi dress. Or maybe she isn’t wearing anything at all? What a woman chooses to don under her outer garments also says a lot about her personality. Whether she prefers comfort to sexy or cotton to lace, every girl’s panty preference gives a lot of insight into the woman she is.    Continue reading

Doctor Who Made Racist Comments About Michelle Obama to Lose Nonpaid Faculty Appointment

Doctor Who Made Racist Comments About Michelle Obama to Lose Nonpaid Faculty Appointment

First Amendment laws protecting employees in the public sector may make it more difficult for the doctor’s employers at a health center to take action against her, though.

Denver Health Medical Center on March 14, 2016The University of Colorado’s School of Medicine is cutting ties with a faculty member who made a racist remark about first lady Michelle Obama on Facebook.

Dr. Michelle Herren, who works at Denver Health Medical Center, holds a nonpaid faculty appointment at the CU School of Medicine and a medical-staff appointment at Children’s Hospital, where Denver Health physicians supervise residents and other medical practitioners in training, the Denver Post reports.     Continue reading

President Obama Lauds Caribbean Roots Media Icon Gwen Ifill

President Obama Lauds Caribbean Roots Media Icon Gwen Ifill


Gwen Ifill

News Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Tues. Nov. 15, 2016: U.S. President Barack Obama was among thousands around the world paying tribute to Caribbean-roots media icon Gwen Ifill, who passed away Monday after a battle with cancer. She was 61.

Ifill, who was the moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and co-anchor and co-managing editor of PBS NewsHour, both of which air on PBS, was born in New York City to a mother from Barbados and a father who was a Panamanian of Barbadian descent and a church minister.     Continue reading