By Waltie Ainsworth


Patrick Martinborough

Approximately a fortnight ago the children of the late Patrick Martinborough discovered him motionless in bed.  In closer examination they discovered he was dead and sounded the alarm which rebounded all over Guyana and every other community where staff, clients and beneficiaries of Guyana’s Experiment into social security.

Marti as he was familiarly called was 72, retired and became an authentic author on matters of socio economic value in the local community. He will be funeralised on Thursday August 25th, 2pm at the Central Assembly Seven Day Adventist Church, at Church and Oronoque street in Georgetown Guyana.   Continue reading

Congratulations to Zwade J. Marshall

Congratulations to Zwade J. Marshall

Congratulations to Zwade J. Marshall, M.D., M.B.A. Harvard University • Fellowship- Interventional Pain Management • Residency- Anaesthesiology (Distinction in Research) • Chief Resident Emory University • Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics (with Distinction) • Medical Doctorate (M.D.) – Humanitarian • Master’s of Business Administra1on (M.B.A.) – Organiza1onal Management and Operations – Robeson Outstanding Achievement Prize.

Zwade was born and raised in Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown and he immigrated to the United States at the age of 16 after attending St. Jude’s pre-kindergarten, St. Margaret’s Primary School followed by Queen’s College Secondary School. In 2001, he matriculated into Emory College to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a pre-medicine course of study. As an undergraduate, he served as the President of the Emory College Chapter of the NAACP leading that organization to win many intercollegiate accolades for advocacy during his tenure.

Read more: Zwade Marshall – Congratulations

Mighty Shadow – Doctor Say ( 2012 ) 

David Rudder Performing at University of Calypso  

NEW PATH AFTER BREXIT: Gloria Mills, head of equalities for UNISON

#Brexit: BAME voices must be heard

50th Independence Anniversary Message from Victoria’s Hugh A. Saul, Honorary Consul, Guyana Consulate Belize

Hugh Saul

Hugh A. Saul

Hugh Saul   May 26 2016

50th Independence Anniversary Message from Victoria’s Hugh A. Saul, Honorary Consul, Guyana Consulate Belize

Guyana 50th LogoMay 26th 2016, marks the 50th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, which took place on May 26, 1966. Fifty years, is but a short time in the life of a country, and today as we reflect on our Independence, we are mindful of the struggles of our forefathers who, over many centuries toiled, fought, resisted and in some cases died, in the cause of freedom and basic human rights. Our forefathers joined our Amerindian brothers and sisters in British Guyana by force of European arms, as they were transported from Africa, Portugal, China and India to create and develop what is now Guyana.

Guyana’s march to Political Independence was not an easy one. Our forefathers survived slavery, indentureship, colonial domination, physical and emotional hardships as they journeyed towards political independence.

Today, as we extend that struggle towards economic independence, we are mindful of the challenges that lie ahead of us as we march on this road, which hopefully, will bring prosperity to all of Guyana’s sons and daughters. Continue reading



By Waltie Ainsworth

Science would be wrong if the wife and family of Richard Ho Ling Pearson, a native of Corriverton in Berbice now resident of Ajax, near Toronto Canada, did not have a bash of magnanimous proportions for his 60th birthday.

Richard was actually born May 23rd but most of the invitees that attended the delayed bash on the weekend of June 11th, had a splendiferous time….. lots to eat and drink and fine wine literally and metaphorically. Continue reading

Islamic council proposes allowing men to ‘lightly beat’ their wives

Islamic council proposes allowing men to ‘lightly beat’ their wives

Islamic council proposes allowing men to ‘lightly beat’ their wives if they do not ‘dress as he desires’, refuse to have sex, or fail to take a bath after their period 

  • 20-member Council of Islamic Ideology advises Pakistani government 
  • It proposes in a new bill that women can be beaten for various reasons
  • Those include women talking to strangers or failing to wear a hijab

The Council of Islamic Ideology has proposed allowing a man to ‘lightly beat’ his wife if she does not ‘dress as he desires’, refuses to have sex, or fails to take a bath after her period.

The 20-member council is a constitutional body of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but can only advise the government rather than make laws.

Its latest proposals come as part of its own women protection bill, after it rejected Punjab province’s controversial Protection of Women against Violence Act, branding it un-Islamic.  Continue reading

Boyhood friend Joe Douglas -Hoppie dies on eve of 62nd birthday


By Waltie Ainsworth

HoppieJoe Douglas Hoppie in the good old days was a measured quantity.  He had a basic verbal philosophy in which he used to repeat…..when cuma cuma fish deh a trench, alligator got to tek dam.

Joe was a self made businessman.  The aunt he grew up with….Merle Douglas and his own mom, Dame Lynette Hoppie, were both shopkeepers and he learned from both of them.

Joe’s dad migrated to Germany when he was a toddler and as a youth, he always aspired to join him.  But he never did. On Tuesday May 24 on the eve of his 62nd birthday, he suffered a massive heart attack and never recovered.  Continue reading


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