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SUHANI RAAT (Reggae) – Terry Gajraj – Guyana Baboo


By EWALT AINSWORTH                  04 28 2012

The 2012 budget has passed muster; joy is in tandem and the working class will be given a life certificate and an assurance that the corruption, bamboozling, skullduggery, thievery, deception and oppression has ended.  The Party is over.  Shared governance has begun to bear fruit and the PPP cannot handle it.  They cannot sleep, they cannot eat, they cannot rest; the people have been issued a long awaited life certificate. Commonsense has trumped corruption.

The ‘one-man-pappy-show’ as crafted by the duo, Ramotar and Jagdeo has come to a screeching halt.  They too will have a new life certificate; the old ways of exploitation and condemnation are no longer relevant and applicable. They can’t handle it.            Continue reading

Is the sun the answer to India’s energy problems?

Solar power in India  – Waiting for the sun

Is the sun the answer to India’s energy problems?

Apr 28th 2012 | CHARANKA, GUJARAT – The Economist Magazine

ON A salt plain near the border with Pakistan lies half a billion dollars’ worth of solar-energy kit paid for by firms from all over the world. A million panels stretch as far as the eye can see. Past a dishevelled brass band is a tent crammed with 5,000 people who cheer when Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, declares the solar park open: “I pray, sun god, that today Gujarat will show the way to the rest of the world for solar energy.”

Despite the uncomfortable cult of personality around Mr Modi, Gujarat is an easy place to do business. And solar power would appear to be an obvious winner for India. The country has plenty of sun and flat, idle land. India is energy-hungry, but electricity supply is sporadic. Costly diesel generators are popular. Solar power could replace them. And solar parks, which look like giant Lego kits, are easier to build than conventional power plants. The new park, in a place called Charanka, has just over 200 megawatts (MW) of capacity running, making it the biggest site in India. It took 16 months to build. No one builds nuclear power stations nearly that fast.  [more]


Chalkdust – Hymns my parents sang



By Ewalt Ainsworth               04 22 2012

Over the last weekend the ‘regulars of Ottawa’ (RoW GROUP) had a slight lime, biscuit and tea, dry food and mauby, rum and conkee, and carambola salt fish and bake  with other  finger foods was served.  The lime was in remembrance of  the untimely departure of one of their own Mr. Dennis Humphrey.  And in typical GT style, songs of faith and hope and a dash of sarcasm made the all night vigil more than what was originally budgeted and planned.    Continue reading


“Boots” –  by the Mighty Gabby of Barbados


RADIO KAYAMABAY RED ALERT                04 23 2012


When you live in the rolling savannahs of the Rupununi and certain upper reaches of the majestic Cuyuni and Mazaruni rivers there is very little electronic and technological communication between and among locals.  But yet still they see and hear and know almost instantaneously every noggin of gossip and every nugget of bamboozling that takes place officially and unofficially.

Trust is key, and in some homes, families have certain birds or animals, and if anything bad is to befall them the bird or the animal takes the rap.   That is a signal for them to know if you are accepted in the community.     Continue reading

Dr. Asante Vanwest-Charles-Le Blanc

Dr. Asante Vanwest-Charles-Le Blanc – An unconventional woman

By By Renée Cummings – Trinidad Express newspaper

Story Created: Apr 14, 2012 at 9:36 PM ECT

NOTHING is conventional about Dr. Asante VanWest-Charles-Le Blanc. Her unconventional upbringing began as the granddaughter of Forbes Burnham who reigned supreme over Guyana and ruled with might and myth for 21 years until his death in 1985; undoubtedly, and historically, one of the most controversial and colourful political figures of the region.

“I would play under the table where he held his cabinet meetings. I also went around with him on his horse. On Fridays, he rode around town and through the country areas. I also remember he would have his entire cabinet swimming in the pool at the residence. I can’t remember all the dignitaries I met but some of the African leaders, Clive Lloyd, and Sir Shridath Ramphal who I grew up calling uncle.” Her middle name is Indira. It is said that Indira Gandhi impressed Burnham so much when they met …….  [ more ]


Chalkdust – The Manifesto


By EWALT AINSWORTH                     04 21 2012

The first and only time Prime Minister Sam Hinds had to openly stand up and or stand for anything he messed up.  Sam Hinds has misinformed the masses and has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the comrades in Region 10.  The PM has bamboozled the comrades in Linden and may very well put his own bumbling and fumbling self in harm’s way.  Pressure is building and a chuck may become essential because the folks in Linden are adamant; they are not paying any increases in tariffs now or then.

APNU’s Granger too was never part of the scheme to increase tariffs as alluded to by cunning Finance Minister Ashmi Singh in the 2012 budget and tabled by the Prime Minister.  Some say that Hinds has earned himself the title of persona non grata in his base community and he may very well “get a chuck like Commish Greene and go his merry way.  Mr. Greene bowed to pressure and President Donald Ramotar was happy to see him man-up to his indiscretions.   Continue reading

APNU scrambles to avoid “tariff deal” backlash

Demerara Waves – April 19, 2012

Deal or no deal, Lindeners will be paying more for electricity from July, according to Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

His assertion came after the APNU went into damage control mode Thursday night in the wake of a statement he made in parliament announcing the opposition coalition’s recognition of the need for electricity tariff increases in meetings with President Donald Ramotar Thursday morning.  Continue reading