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50 Cent Featuring Snoop Dogg – P.I.M.P.


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             09 27 2012

Guyanese families are awaking to bad news again this morning.   Homeland Security in New York in conjunction with Customs officials nabbed two women that had kilos of cocaine concealed in their wigs at JFK.  Initial reports suggest that President Donald Ramotar may have also been a passenger en-route to the annual UN Heads of State meeting in Manhattan.
This incident as simple as it may seem will change procedures and policies globally.   The critical question is…how did these women get past security at CBJ, Timehri?  Who is in charge of security in Guyana?

These questions were put to President Bharrat Jagdeo who is performing his usual duties while Donald Ramotar is away.   Prime Minister Sam Hinds is not trusted.  Jagdeo  is claiming that it is not a Guyana problem; it is a US problem.  At this stage I plead the fifth and gimme a fifth.  (see Demerara Waves report below for full details).



While Obama may have always been too conservative, cautious and well-connected for me, this is about the best video I have ever seen and offers excellent reasons to vote for him

May life bring you, bring us all, peace, prosperity, pleasant dreams becoming the best of your reality. May your every moment reflect the goodness that is you . . . 

Set to the music of Les Miserables!!!

THIS IS REALLY FABULOUS…you’ll stand up and cheer!  < click

A Beautiful Parable

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I am the One – Eddie Grant


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                9 23 2012

EUSI  KWAYANA IS COMING TO CANADA.  Reparations for those killed by the PPP/Rohee/Greene Inc may not be foremost on the caucuses to be held but reshaping and remodeling the trust factor will sure take center stage.

Covetous is the word most frequently used in the diaspora to describe the presidency and all its attendant and attending bare-foot millionaires; bare-foot and or bare-head a document will be reproduced to restore civility, re-start neighborliness, retrieve sound education practices, re-engineer socio/economic programs and relinquish greed.  The blurred lines of communication will also be rekindled as an antidote to violence.        Continue reading

Driving: The road less travelled – The Economist magazine


Driving: The road less travelled

Car use is peaking in the rich world. Governments should take advantage of that

Sep 22nd 2012 – Economist Magazine

IN 1888 Bertha Benz, wife of the carmaker Karl, drove 66 miles from one German city to another to prove to the world that the “horseless carriage” was suited to everyday use. Mrs Benz succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Modern life is unimaginable without the car. The automobile has powered the growth of cities and steered their sprawl. Its manufacture has created millions of jobs and eased the development of many millions more. In rich countries, 70% of journeys are now by car. More than a billion cars now roll on the world’s roads.

Measured globally, car use will go on rising, for as people in emerging markets get rich, they want the mobility and status that car-ownership offers. But in the rich world the decades-long link between rising incomes and car use has been severed (see article), and miles driven per person have been falling. That is partly because of recession and high oil prices, but the trend pre-dates 2007. Other, longer-term, factors are at work. One is generational: car-ownership is reaching saturation.   [Read more]


Cro Cro – Ah Feeling Shame



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                           09 19 2012

The GT funeral industry is in deep du-du. They digging holes like latrine pit and putting the dead to stand up.. man wid man and woman wid woman; and if space leff over they stuffing it wid garbage, as the collateral and alternative environmental strategy.

Guyanese falling like fly.  Anytime you in New York or Atlanta or Toronto and you see somebody in black and white with dark glasses to boot…worries in the camp.  We shooting up, we shooting out; we shooting down; we shooting across; we shooting first, second and third. You see a Guyanese man in a dark suit he either going to a funeral or coming from one or signing he self in to a hospital to die soon.  He walk with he Sunday best cause he don’t like to feel the chill in hospital gowns.  We is the shooting kind.  We shooting and murdering black folks and getting Crime Chief Seelall Persaud to say that to think of a crime is enough reason for the police to kill, maim and or disable.  On a sunny day that is murder and on a rainy day manslaughter.    In Guyanese parlance…mek-attempt-gone.       Continue reading

The Guyana Government supports the stealing of intellectual property


The Guyana Government supports the stealing of intellectual property 

Written by realTalk  – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 08:56

The Guyana government’s decision to buy photocopied text books for the education sector is the most blatant display of illegality seen to date. Not only is the government infringing on the copyrights of writers and publishers, they are sending a very clear signal to the children of this nation: it is good to steal from others without fearing the consequences. No government should make policy the infringement of copyrights.

Earlier in the year a Mr. Bholan Boodhoo, owner of the Horizon Bookshop in Alberttown, and a long-time dealer of text books in Guyana, blew the whistle on a major text book scam that involved the higher mortals of the Ministry of Education. Many Guyanese probably took this chap for granted and possibly did not even give much credence to his very serious allegations. Today however, the nation is being told by the administration that Cabinet decided that the Ministry of Education must buy photocopied text books for schools.

Over ten years ago, the late Deryck Bernard a distinguished geographer and former Minister of Education during the PNC era, published A New Geography of Guyana (Macmillan, Caribbean).    [more]