By  EWALT AINSWORTH                  11 22 2012 

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has cancelled his upcoming Christmas Caribbean tour; the Africa leg of the sojourn is also up in the air as a collective prayer went into the stratosphere pleading for a miracle to affect his schedule. Gentle Jesus has answered prayers on behalf of this manish-puppy.

The Grammy Winning American singer according to rumbles at the street level has apparently avoided a Ben-Gazi style cut-ass.  Folks from the ancestral country of his girl friend with whom he is joined at the hip, have not forgiven him.  Divine intervention has saved the day.         

Guyana needs prayers.. healing.. cleansing not a –brip-brap confusionist crooning and rapping and who cannot keep his arms to his side.  And she hit first is not an excuse eh?  Shorties in the region like to hear seurs and mama-guy and promises of grandeur and carambola and sapodilla sweeter than Lord-Jesus;

At least this once in his life, Chris has cut a good card.  And the promoters too should have used some ‘kidneys’ and avoid a moral catastrophe in the land of hassar curry and duck curry wash down with swank and loud ice.

Chris comes from a single parent background and seems to have imprinted in his DNA spousal abuse.  Sometimes it makes good sense to Google destinations and get a flavor for the mindset of the populace.  Guyanese got turkey-temper….put that in yuh pipe and smoke it.

Perhaps Jerry Williams…  SWAMPP-DOGG could be a replacement.  Swampp Dogg  has been to Trinidad before and  has adopted reggae jams and even soca in addition to commentary morally hazardous materials.  ASOMELYKAM.

Caribbean audiences were quietly expecting a two-for-one;  Chris’ and  boo boo (beau) and scandalized victim Rihanna, must have made some sterling suggestions and he has succumbed to the petticoat administration by cancelling or risk a-cut-ass in a public place.  ASOMELYKAM.

Caribbean women have a way of getting back at you and in your face.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are prime seasons for knock-back and trickle down redemption…prayers or no prayers.  Chris was also experiencing difficulties in getting security coverage and allowed wisdom to prevail and cancelled because of his short temper and condescending treatment of women.

A few short years ago Chris unleashed several punches, chokes on Caribbean Queen Rihanna, whose mom is Guyanese with deep roots in struggling Agricola.  Rihanna’s dad is from Barbados and she claims this neighboring territory as her hometown.

Chris was officially expected to appear on December 26, (ironically) Boxing Day but the convicted woman beater was experiencing push back from Georgetown Mayor’s office, the Red Thread Movement and scores of other civic societies.  The same thing too happens in Trinidad and Tobago where reports are that his songs are not given air-play.  Prayers requested; prayers answered….CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.

And for thanksgiving, Guyanese Pastor and prayer legend Dr Benn, has put out a special prayer of thanks for this the season of  thanks and giving and for all other celebrations in the diaspora and further afield.

Here is the prayer in full:


Rev Keith Benn


Almighty FATHER, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and everything in between, we humbly come before YOU in JESUS name with thanksgiving in our hearts, thanking YOU for YOUR never-ending mercy. We lift YOUR name on high, above any name that has ever existed. Our FATHER AND CREATOR, we ask YOU to bless, protect and to pour YOUR supernatural favor upon us, our children, spouses, and friends and even our enemies. GOD, we ask YOU today for divine intervention in our lives. We ask for YOUR touch in all areas of our lives — be it a new job, a promotion, freedom from debt, health, rebuilding our relationships with our spouses and friends.

FATHER, any situation YOU touch, can never remain the same. FATHER in Heaven, let YOUR will be done in our lives as YOUR decision in our lives is the best and will always be the best.

Please send double portion of anointing and blessings in the quickest time to all who pray this prayer, as YOUR name is being worshiped and glorified by multitudes.

FATHER I believe YOU are going to shift things around for all who join in this prayer and that YOU will let things work in their favor.
Father, YOU close doors no man can open and YOU open doors no man can close.  Please open and close doors for your children even as we pray this prayer, in JESUS name, Amen.

Give it wings!



2 responses to this post.

  1. This is good news.


  2. Posted by Francis Jackson on November 25, 2012 at 4:13 am

    What hits and jams have to say?

    Guyanese have the power to change their situation whatever is the madness confronting them if they organize in unison.(stop complaining)

    Chis brown fiasco is an example – count the organizations that became involved in sending Chris Brown back to the US before he left!

    The first Day of Kwanzza held at Thomas Lands, GT Lime (what ever that is) can suffice; and individuals with disposable income can fetch boxes of gifts and give to those in need for boxing day on December 26. People, support local entertainment and and also buy local, you are helping the country.


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