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SANDY IN NAME AND NATURE (sand-in my shoes)


SANDY  IN NAME AND NATURE (sand-in my shoes)          

By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 30 2012

Now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy has moved further north, officials are calling on residents buckling in black outs to clear their freezers after 48 hours and 24 hours after their fridges have lost power.   Al Roker has sand in his shoe as he traverses what used to be the boardwalk and spreading a message of doing for self to rebuild.

A digital thermometer may also be a good thing to check food before consumption irrespective of the expiry date.

Schools are still closed and some office campuses have limited activity.  Power supplies will not be back to normal on or around the 5th of November…election eve.  There is debris, there are trees and there is sand in my-shoes after the water had receded.    Continue reading