GTs BEST SEX IN THE ARMY            11 21 2012


In the Diaspora a big man and ex-soldier is languishing in a prison cell somewhere off Rikers Island for stuffing a cucumber up the vagina of his ethnocentric Guyanese wife.  Apparently in some slight pillow talk, she bemoaned the size of his penis.  The enhancement drugs, black-ants, Viagra  and ‘baigons’ he was using as a supplement for best sex did not help and so he resorted to fresh vegetables.  ASOMELYKAM.                

It is so funny that even within the Gt Army currently the best sex and partnering with the best same-sex duos is making and grabbing the headlines.   Anger seems to have the better of more soldiers…male and female.  The Salvation Army seems to be a better organized outfit than the liberation fronts pampazetting by the sexy body types in Gt.  When soldiers are angry they engage in addictive behaviors such as eating, drinking, sex, smoking, pornography et al.

Many years ago former Commish of Police, Lloyd Barker, had alluded to the breakdown in discipline within the larger society and had pointed to the need for recruiters to be more selective and calculating in who and whose hands law enforcement is entrusted.  Lloyd is now deceased;  so too are his words of advice.

The issues of sex and sexual orientation in military outfits should never be driven by emotion.  Silence does not necessarily tally with agreement.  One swallow does not make a spring either and this issue needs to be further ventilated and is evolving within the country.  Timing is also important.  Too many in the Joint Services and Army are broke and broken from the lopsided policies of the political administration.  Too many are also using the military as knowledge centers to commit crimes.  The completion of a medical unit is not sufficient to treat and counsel an army that is nationally challenged.  Change is essential at this juncture.

Army Chief of Staff, Gary Best in a very disturbing announcement said that the military does not discriminate; it is open to all technicians irrespective of their sexual orientation.

There is a video taken from a cell phone making the rounds showing some new female army recruits “getting-down.”  The politicians and Army top brass apparently are not fazed by this behavior and will retain all the parties involved except one woman who is voluntarily leaving.

Many years ago in the People’s Army there was a man named Jonas after having passed out after rigorous training in the GDF Officer’s program, was caught with his pants down.  He was dishonorably discharged but further went on to get married and joined the US Army where he served and still serves with distinction.  Perhaps his files should be reviewed and an effort should be made to reimburse him.

The GDF has been experiencing severe problems in finding suitable recruits.  Policy must not change with the wind.  The sexual preferences of the leadership or orientation of the top-brass must not be the litmus test for dictating policy.

Policy must be driven by principles and precedents.  When Jonas was kecked to the curb that group of ensigns numbered 66 and 40 of them graduated.  Last week, only 12 from 36 officers passed out.

One can only surmise that allowing gays and lesbians to serve honorably may be a strategy of last resort to attract new recruits.

The politicians too should stay out of the business of granting favors to operatives who were kicked out because of lack of attitude and or aptitude for the GDF and Joint Services.  Too often too many graduate and pass out because of their ethnicity and political allegiance and sexual preference.  The Salvation Army does not allow it and so the People’s Army should be more virile and show robust strength in its recruitment and training.



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