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Chris Rock – Obama having a Black wife


By EWALT AINSWORTH      11 05 2012

Some suburbanites and exurbanites in New Jersey got a rude awakening on the eve of elections; earthquake struck in parts of Passaic and Bergen counties (2.0 on Richter scale).  Election officials also simultaneously announced that affected residents from both hurricane Sandy and earthquake can vote by e-mail/fax in addition to paper ballots.  Some fast Guyanese types are querying if perhaps they will have to stick their finger in a red-ink jar as they cope with red eyes brought on by a multiplicity of inconveniences.

Weather forecasts are predicting more storms on both Wednesday and Thursday.  And Governor Christie has established a hot-line for persons who have been separated from their pets.  Rationing of gas is in high gear; the last digit on your license plate is an odd number you can buy petrol on that day; even numbers can buy on even number days.  And if you have no car but need gas to run your generator then  contact your neighbor or just dial 011 592… new-wave (of inconveniences).                 Continue reading