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Forty years on, most of the splendour of the Garden City has gone

Janey Gal- The Yoruba Singers

Forty years on, most of the splendour of the Garden City has gone.


Dear Editor

I have just been on my first visit to Guyana in 40 years. From 1968 to 1969, I was a VSO working for Broadcasts to Schools in Georgetown, and I came back in January 1970 to marry Wordsworth McAndrew and teach at St Joseph’s High School. Our daughter Shiri was born in 1972, I completed my Diploma in Education at UG the following summer, and only returned to England after our divorce in September 1973.

Since then, all through my exile, I have held fond memories of the beautiful Garden City that was Georgetown. I loved the elegant white wooden houses with their jalousies and delicate fretwork, in gardens overflowing with bougainvillea, hibiscus and oleander. I loved the wide avenues lined with sweeping flamboyant trees and canals sparkling in the sun. I loved the bridges over trenches to little wooden cottages on stilts, in yards brimming with palm trees and callaloo. I had an idyllic picture in my mind, and came back intent on taking actual photographs to preserve my memories in tangible form.   Continue reading