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MONEY OR CONNIE:  A GREENE EPISODE                                   03 302012


Police Commissioner Henry Greene

One of the legacies of the Jagdeo/Ramotar administration as they inch towards a sudden but permanent resting place is that they made carnal knowledge of women a prescriptive right; you have money, you get connie.  You have power, you can have sex; no money down.  Former Chronicle photographer and jokester, Cyril Latchoo, schooled me on the relationship between money and connie.

Letting Police Commissioner Henry Greene off the hook is a down payment on slackness, in-civility, immorality and a swift acknowledgement that women are irrelevant.  You have a connie, you are tantamount to a criminal and valueless.

Sociologically speaking, Indian men do not find black women attractive.  In this case, Commissioner Greene is in bed with the Indian government; contact corrupts. At no time during the 18 year ascent to power did the PPP administration show any respect, tolerance or mindset to accommodate black women.   Continue reading