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Religion in Zimbabwe – Tithing troubles

Religion in Zimbabwe – Tithing troubles

Even the most popular preachers of prosperity are facing tougher times

zimAug 27th 2016 | HARARE | Economist

THE booming voice of Apostle Rodney Chipoyera, the pastor of the Kingdom Prosperity Ministries, fills a decrepit cinema-turned-church in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. Yes, times are tough, he tells his congregants, who sit in broken chairs wearing their Sunday best. The country may be bust, but if you stop tithing—giving a full tenth of your income to his church—you will be cursed. “You tithe, He blesses,” proclaims Mr Chipoyera. “You keep the tithe, the curse is initiated.” The congregation responds in ardent agreement: “I refuse to rob God in tithes and offerings!”      Continue reading