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The decision to rescind the O.R. Tambo award for President Forbes Burnham

Hugh Masekela – Stimela

The decision to rescind the OR Tambo award for President Forbes Burnham by President Jacob Zuma of South Africa

Guyanese have sat on their asses and allowed others to define their history for them. They spend enormous amounts of time on Facebook spewing bile and agonizing over who is trying to upstage or conspiring against them by creating similar groups etc. We write lengthy pseudo-intellectual articles and none will be recorded in the annals of history to defend our legacy and our great leaders and heroes.
America had presidents who were slave owners, and until recently some in congress were members of the Ku-Klux Klan and all of these have been labeled great men. Guyana had President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and we must not allow anyone to decide for us his level of greatness, he is ours and he has served our country and the world in very positive ways like no one else. Just like the American “greats,” President Burnham may have erred, but point to a man without fault and it is either you are lying or he was never born.  Continue reading