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BY Ewalt Ainsworth                                        02 21 2012

Kundooks is a long time Creole word meaning jokes, gifts or presents Of your own presence can be a metric for a kundooks.  It is not the physical thing but the spirit in which it is given has the collateral effect of a kundooks.  And if you love the country bad, bad, bad, that good. The vile thoughts of GT are discounted and the hope for a farm of content is  counted as  kundooks.

I know a man leave the clutches of his wife in Brooklyn and hop on a flight straight to GT under the pretext he going to see his mother…that is kundooks.  If he did the same action and go and see a second mortgage, that is puddooks.  As long as the means justify the end and the outcome is noble kundooks is both the text and the context.  Sometimes you are visiting with loved ones even though the wife would say no!… and bring out the mountain of bills and show you how the pantry empty, when you got to go you got to go.  That is kundooks.   Ducking in to GT and ducking out during Mashramani is kundooks.  Just being there can be a token of appreciation and a symbol of camaraderie….all ahwee a one family.

All GT peeps we does cuss you today and love you tomorrow; we does walk and wine and show we behind and then another next  time we does kill a curass and dash way way it (oops) and don’t look back.  That is kundooks. Continue reading