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By Ewalt Ainsworth                      05 25 2012

Stranger-danger seems to be the biggest problem affecting Guyanese as they celebrate 46 years of independence. Scores of rural and city folks are also combining their efforts and resources to paint zebra- crossings to accommodate their communities in the light of hit-and-run accidents both day and night. Equally disturbing too is the civil right of citizens to find safety and comfort in their homes without being molested physically, sexually or spiritually

The stranger-danger syndrome is both deliberate and organized as the ruling PPP Party and government try desperately to rearrange the presence of certain ethnic groups in certain communities.  For example, Region Six which is their stronghold, these residents are being reshuffled and occupying lands and homes in both regions four and five.  The PPP lost both these regions at the last elections and plan to recapture same at the upcoming snap elections.   Continue reading