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Ramotar has embraced the mistakes of his predecessor – “Joey” Jagan

Ramotar has embraced the mistakes of his predecessor  – Letter by Cheddie “Joey” Jagan (Jr)

Posted By Stabroek staff On August 16, 2012 |  Comments

Dear Editor,

Two months ago, at a meeting at Red House for all the candidates on the PPP/‘Civic,’ I spoke openly and forcefully. It was obvious to me that, at that meeting, the PPP leadership was preparing for a snap general election, and I warned against that and called for local elections as a more immediate concern (they will still try to have general elections, probably early next year). They will remember that I mentioned that we should consider inclusive governance, maybe at local levels like Georgetown, especially with a minority government; that Mr Granger and Mr Ramjattan are not the Taliban or al Qaeda and that we should approach them differently without a confrontational attitude, like was displayed when demonstrations led by ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur and certain ministers in this government objected to the budget cuts. Ironically, after the budget cuts we all found out about the penchant for extra personal funds on the part of some senior members of NCN.

They all will remember – because all that President Ramotar did was take notes all the time, hardly saying anything – that I told the gathering that President Cheddi would have cut the budget more than APNU and the AFC did if he was alive and in the same situation.   Continue reading


David Rudder – A Madman’s Rant.


By Ewalt Ainsworth                                                     06 11 2012

Somebody must have whispered to President Jagdeo that this is a ‘dress-down’ world but he is so addicted to being a majority of one that he cannot ‘leggo’ and let President Ramotar splutter, stutter and suffer.  Ramotar by himself is nothing, but you can still see his little ego pushing thru but stifled and confused, not knowing where to turn and how to go from nothing to anything.

At one time, Ramotar had pinned his hopes on oil but the Venezuelans do not know how to turn their backs when they see wrong things happening.  Charity begins at Charity; you cannot be stealing and smuggling the oil one day in lungitah and the next day become Honorary Consul to Spain and hope for a breakthrough.  The PPP has to learn to craft a narrative of grace and galvanise its sovereignty rather than gamble with the gutter rats in polyester suits.    Continue reading


Baron…Ah Holding On…Baron Editon (Soca)



Dress-down in the local GT vernacular means move over and find another damn place to sit or stand or even stoop down for that matter. President Jagdeo pushed Ramotar aside and made a rear public appearance and was fretting and whining about the status of the damned extension and expansion of the Timehri International Airport. The duo GT Presidents seem damned that the massive project is not going ahead as scheduled and holding up their assumed perks/kick-backs. Damn.

The WORLD BANK seems to have read Jagdeo and his nemesis Ramotar the riot act. They are warning that the Chinese contractors are not permitted to undertake internationally funded projects in the region. The US$138M dollar project seems to be held up permanently and indefinitely.    Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          02 19 2012

A former magistrate, according to the spit press, was the first known person to be assigned the name  GERTRUDE after being caught in a compromising position with another man and ever since then any suspect, any ‘walk-and-wine’ candidate is appropriately labelled a GERTRUDE in the land of cheap liquor, angry black men and Mashramani.

GERTRUDE is the most common name given to ambitious GT-men before they come down with the dreaded illnesses related to depression and suppression of emotions.  Depression is really anger turned in on one’s self and too often men of prestige and prominence, lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, military men and entertainers are deliberately set upon by the powers, and ease the pain by kneeling down on their necks.  If all the Gertrudes were to line up two abreast from the Cultural Center to Cuffy a third line would become necessary to accommodate the school age population.  That day would also have to be declared a national holiday because all the mini buses would be taken out of service. ASOMELYKAM.

Too many men of high office and caliber are trading in their masculinity and righteous selves to becoming favorites, boy toys and  acolytes of the PPP…set up for the wet up.  A few short days down the line, they are rejected, evicted, suspected, indicted and dejected from the high offices and or put out to dry. Continue reading


SUGAR: SUGAR-SUGAR                                           01 30 2012


Eating sugar has nothing to do with it; it is more about what sugar is eating you.

Diabetes is an equal opportunity disease and the spit-press has it that immediate past president, of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo is on his way to India to seek medical attention.  No guarantees have been offered because of the deep seated distrust for Western medicine and operatives; he is heading to the motherland in search of a cure.

References have been made to his loud, protracted, malicious and in-appropriate outbursts as symptoms of diabetic anger.  Mr. Jagdeo over the years has not been known to be a physically active and engaging in sport activities.  His diagnosis of suspected diabetes is by shear default.  Continue reading



BY EWALT AINSWORTH             01 14 2012

Last Friday night and immediately after President Ramotar entertained his first press conference the Coffee Street boys met for their usual weekend tete-a-tete.  The brainiacs brought in some snook in rigor mortise from the Lyken fish shop and had some queriman braff and a serving of shine rice.

The beverage was ‘fly’ left over from the festive season (drinking rum is now a form of protest in sympathy for the GT community.)  One of the more pointed discussions had to do with the President expressing disappointment that Brother Raphael Trotman was made speaker and how racist Ramotar was overtly condemning the new Speaker. Continue reading