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Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross



By EWALT AINSWORTH                                   07 23 2012

LFSB means LONGEST FLOATING SOCIALIST BRIDGE.  Some folks thought that it meant Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham but they get lowra.  None shall pass.

Guyana’s military is wavering and refusing to step into the theatre of despair as the transportation infrastructure linking  Georgetown with regions three, two and one collapses for lack of maintenance and forward planning.  None can pass to get to and from West Demerara.  Some ballahoos/canoes with outboard motors have been thrown into the fray in the absence of organized ferries but they are a poor and dangerous substitute.

Parika was almost a ghost town and the Charity market which is normally humming on a Monday was short lived.  By noon Monday there was no roti, no channa, no fry fish, no biscuit or bread or water or soda along the routes on both sides of the river to snack on.  Some folks had to resort to BHOOP & ROLL sandwiches….fried breadfruit slices which seems to be in season.  CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.             Continue reading