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Watchman – Leader of the opposition


By Waltie Ainsworth

The Young Beautiful Bold and Boviander (YBBB) magistrate Carolyn Artega has self-appointed and self-acclaimed opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo kussering. Jast week, instead of appearing in court he sent her a medical loose leaf saying he had back problems. Jagdeo, in a deliberate ploy to avoid imminent jail had become creative in using all kinds of techniques and schemes to avoid going to court at Whim in Corentyne.

Jagdeo feels that by remaking and rebranding himself as opposition leader he can avoid being sentenced for race baiting and creating chaos in the new and upwardly mobile Guyana. Let the records show that he must appear in court in pyjamas or on a stretcher. Continue reading



BY Ewalt Ainsworth                            5 17 2012

The Joint opposition is intensifying talks about how to treat, incarcerate and hopefully liquidate the NICIL posse that would normally meet at places like the BLUE-IGUANA to recap, recount, and recoil and retail the takings after a big iguana is caught and roasted (seed and all) for the major players like Mike Brassington and Dr Ashni Singh.

The frequent flyers at the late night Alberttown eatery are not as hectic as they used to be pre-NICIL investigations but a substantial amount of other patrons still hang around hoping to find out if the major players will have to serve time.

Incarceration is not off the table but the Joint opposition is taking its time and making sure that before liquidation becomes a reality, at least the legal status of the company must first be determined.      Continue reading

PPP Govt.’s illegality continues unabated – letter

PPP Govt.’s illegality continues unabated

May 13, 2012 | By |  Letters
 Dear Editor,
Notwithstanding all the mouthings of President Ramotar, and Finance Minister, Ashni Singh, and CEO Mr Brassington, such will never legalise the illegality about the activities of NICIL.
Quite frankly, the whole of Guyana is now aware of the scampishness and skullduggery being carried on when NICIL’s Directors and officers fail to deposit its Revenues into the Consolidated Fund.
The starting point is Article 216 of the Constitution which states that all monies raised or received by Guyana are to be paid into the Consolidated Fund. And this is how it should be in a normal, regular democracy.   Continue reading