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SURINAME HANDING OVER CEREMONY              02 17 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

The money done and the eternal fun of the PPP done and so Jagdeo and Ramotar, two peas in a pod heading East to Suriname to get some papel and at the same time hand over some of the responsibilities  of patrolling the Corentyne river back to the Surinamese.  Guyana is unable to patrol and control smuggling of basic foodstuff; piracy has resulted in a reduction of the flow of goods and services and food supplies and spare parts are also threatened.

This Mashramani season will also experience a shortage of towels – (Guyana dollars).
The Government has run out of money and it is in such a bad financial shape that it cannot even print it on toilet paper.  This too is affecting the Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, as he boogie-woogies to his intuitive clock and hopes for a less protracted and efficient way out.

So the Finance Minister may be heading West any day now, budget or no budget, to engineer a fresh stack of Guyana towels.  There are not enough physical notes and so salaries and commercial activity this Mashramani will be fiercely restricted. Continue reading


COUSIN BABA LAID TO REST                     02 102012


A tale of rags to riches does not necessarily tell the holistic and whole truth of the life and times of entrepreneur and philanthropist Angela Una Daly, 86 who died on January 21, 2012, and was buried recently in Linden, New Jersey USA.

Standing room only as relatives and friends, some known and unknown…before work and after work, in uniform and others in slacks wiped away tears and fears. There were musical and oral tributes…… each ideal, each different but collaterally, alike.  Still others brought flasks of beverages, platters of food and new wine in old wine skins.  Parking was at a premium and high occupancy vehicles were directed to higher ground;   some came from far and some came from near; some were black and others were white; some were straight and quite others were gay.  They all assembled and pondered their own purpose in life.  Cousin Baba embraced a curriculum of inclusion and was everything to everyone, every time, everywhere; that is the genesis and summary of her life. Continue reading


GT SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS              02 10 2012


In the pre-run up to Mashramani one of Guyana’s most accomplished and decorated pan men, Roy Geddes had to kick and bite without screaming to ward off a bandit in his own home and front yard.  Last year veteran finger-panist Rudy Bishop was relieved of some G 6million TOWELS when he returned home for a brief holiday.  How come no Chutney exponent don’t get muscled, choke-and- robbed in multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-drugs and a multitude of bandits sussing you out eh?   GT in darkness overhead and overnight and the PPP are overheard listening in total silence and overlooking the cries of the people in overdrive.  No respect for the veterans and gatekeepers of the culture.  Is anybody home? Continue reading


BATS AND BATAHAAS GALORE                         02 08 2012


The biggest small industry now in GT is recycling cardboard.  Bats and Batahaas have moved away from pan handling and hustling around the markets to scrambling any piece of cardboard, water tank, metal or old tyres.  These products fetch high prices on the world market and in the absence of traditional jobs; Guyanese of every ethnic stripe, ethnicity, age, race, political affiliation sexual orientation or preferences are getting into the junkie business.

Ten years ago, displaced public servants, technicians and artisans would commute daily to Georgetown and migrate to the car parks as bats and batahaas.  Not now; things change.  Forgive me for not saying exactly what a bat is and how they can double or juxtapose between the two labels. Continue reading


KHAKI-BOW-TIE MASHRAMANI                            01 28 2012


One of the great joys of being Guyanese is we get a second  last chance in February, Black History month or  at Mashramani/Republic celebrations, to put on a khaki bow tie and do-a-do-doo;  a lil mambo, a lil  chutney, a taste and buy, a lil back-back or a plain old Tennessee waltz with your boo or boo-boo.  Guyanese don’t mind how things bad; don’t mind the weather forecast and the accumulation of snow on the ground, they coming out to play.  They may skip the Valentine but the Mashramani, is wee.

Guyanese also like a fresh; a fresh outfit; a fresh meal; a fresh partner and if available, a fresh cold.  We would borrow, steal, work overtime or even work over just to make a freck to procure a khaki-bow-tie;  Sunday we go to church and ask Gentle Jesus to bless us in our broken/drunken and horrific state and pray for the rest of the year until the next-next time.  We forgive without getting vex and reboot and come again.  No pressure can keep us down; we love to party in a khaki-bow-tie.  Half a loaf is better than none. Continue reading