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WHICH WAY YOU’RE GOING BILLY?                   02 07 2012


My best recollections of Mashramani celebrations were during the first MASH in February 1970, dancing to the strains of ‘Nona Permaul and the Playboys’ at Rollo Young’s ‘CLUB-65’ in Buxton.   I can recall the dashiki outfit and the anxiety about buying my own beer and spitting back in the bottle to conserve.  Nothing has changed.  And so I just want to reflect and genuflect about expectations and boog-a-loos politicians promise and end up with cat-boil.

The song that incentivized me and had me going round and round and begging for a next dance is hardly known to most people unless you are my age.  Up to this day, I have a thing about the song and it still reverberates in my head 42 years later; it is more a question…WHICH WAY YOU’RE GOING BILLY by the ‘Poppy Family.’ (First released in 1969).  A lot a lot a people cannot answer this question don’t matter who ask them and how they ask them.  Continue reading