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BY EWALT AINSWORTH                 03 30 2012

Friday will go down as the most luckiest day in the world for somebody, anybody but not everybody.  The New York lottery system is sponsoring the most expensive and incentive-filled game in the history of the lottery project…US 500,000.00.  And with that comes some behavioral issues among our people and some others.

Patrick, a compatriot, some years ago was visiting during the Easter season his adult children who had moved into the home purchased by his ex-wife and current husband.  The current husband, who is a personal friend, tried to be courteous, cordial and cooperative while the ex husband visited.  In addition to cooking some snapper curry and wild rice, the two scampered off quietly to the neighborhood lottery store.  The husband used the curriculum vitae of the ex to select tickets and gave him a bundle as a gift.  One of the bundled tickets yielded a significant amount of money and with that the visiting boo cancelled his visit and headed for the hills without sharing.  A decade has past and neither the ex wife, current husband or immediate past and visiting husband, have spoke n to each other.  As a matter of fact, the women died shortly after and rumors have it that “the low down dirty dog” might have started her demise.  That’s how I buy it and so a sell it.          Continue reading