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Guychina in the making – the selling of Guyana to China

Eugene and Oatmeal Christmas song

Bai Shan Lin ships 1,200 containers of logs annually

December 14, 2014 | By | Filed Under News

 …refuses to maintain 100km of road it destroys daily
By Gary Eleazar 
A significant escalation in logging activities over the last three years in Region Ten has led directly to the destruction of the more than 200 kilometres of roadway between Kwakwani, Linden and Georgetown.rd

According to official figures, an average of 40 heavily laden trucks traverse the worsening stretch of road each day between Kwawkani to Linden. They are also met by others heading to Georgetown, thus destroying that stretch of road also.
The majority of the trucks on the Kwakwani to Linden road belongs to, or contracted by Chinese logging company, Bai Shan Lin, which has also significantly escalated its activities in the Region. Continue reading



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                                      04 18 2012

Overnight I have been contemplating what we call in Guyanese parlance a ‘chuck’.  A chuck is a wonderful thing especially when you dealing with own way, hard ears and racial appearance exponents and proponents.  Just these last few minutes, the APNU chuck the PPP into action and was able to get them to increase the amount of money old age pensioners will get across the board.  The money may even be paid out earlier than expected and should honestly be made retroactive to January.  Old people should not be held at ransom because of their appearance and attendance at the polls.  Dr Ashni Singh is wrong in withholding a generous hand and still has a lot of undoing to do and avoid another chuck or two.          Continue reading




By Ewalt Ainsworth                  04 01 2012

Trini, every time she jump on the 94-cross town bus in Irvington New Jersey, she does listen out fuh Guyanese accents; she man is Guyanese and she like to hear them say when each other in trouble…bambalaty-bam-bam-bam and or yuh eye-pass-me.  It does bring smiles and a joy to her heart to see us react and pull ourselves together for fear of being ex-communicated, exposed, expelled and or simply deported from North America.

The word is out how difficult and cruel the government is to its own people.  More Indians migrate than blacks and have turned upside down the concept that “a bad home is better than a good abroad.”  Not only are they migrating more but they are also changing religions and joining up the clap-hand churches to renew their faith and pray like grass hopper, for a change.   Continue reading



By EWALT AINSWORTH                                        02 25 2012

Very recently a friend from the Ottawa diaspora engaged me in a long tribal noise making exercise bringing to the fore the plight of condemned married men leaving their families and returning to GT to reattach themselves to new families; upon arriving back these folks  are discovering that they were deceived and can’t believe it is not butter.  They cannot disentangle and establish their perceived leadership role. Politicians are like that.  You cannot tell them that the noise they re making is only noise and no aspirin can cure the headaches.

The real message my friend was trying to convey is that humanity has gotten to the stage where you can literally prophesy and see them heading into danger but no noise can make them change their minds.   Their ‘own fought got to wake them up.’  Advice is like perfume…the smell withers away don’t matter the brand may be eternity, fraternity, immorality, bribery or bigamy.  Some tags are simply undeniable. Continue reading