Cro Cro – Ah Feeling Shame



By  EWALT AINSWORTH                           09 19 2012

The GT funeral industry is in deep du-du. They digging holes like latrine pit and putting the dead to stand up.. man wid man and woman wid woman; and if space leff over they stuffing it wid garbage, as the collateral and alternative environmental strategy.

Guyanese falling like fly.  Anytime you in New York or Atlanta or Toronto and you see somebody in black and white with dark glasses to boot…worries in the camp.  We shooting up, we shooting out; we shooting down; we shooting across; we shooting first, second and third. You see a Guyanese man in a dark suit he either going to a funeral or coming from one or signing he self in to a hospital to die soon.  He walk with he Sunday best cause he don’t like to feel the chill in hospital gowns.  We is the shooting kind.  We shooting and murdering black folks and getting Crime Chief Seelall Persaud to say that to think of a crime is enough reason for the police to kill, maim and or disable.  On a sunny day that is murder and on a rainy day manslaughter.    In Guyanese parlance…mek-attempt-gone.       Continue reading