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By EWALT AINSWORTH                                          02 19 2012

A former magistrate, according to the spit press, was the first known person to be assigned the name  GERTRUDE after being caught in a compromising position with another man and ever since then any suspect, any ‘walk-and-wine’ candidate is appropriately labelled a GERTRUDE in the land of cheap liquor, angry black men and Mashramani.

GERTRUDE is the most common name given to ambitious GT-men before they come down with the dreaded illnesses related to depression and suppression of emotions.  Depression is really anger turned in on one’s self and too often men of prestige and prominence, lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, military men and entertainers are deliberately set upon by the powers, and ease the pain by kneeling down on their necks.  If all the Gertrudes were to line up two abreast from the Cultural Center to Cuffy a third line would become necessary to accommodate the school age population.  That day would also have to be declared a national holiday because all the mini buses would be taken out of service. ASOMELYKAM.

Too many men of high office and caliber are trading in their masculinity and righteous selves to becoming favorites, boy toys and  acolytes of the PPP…set up for the wet up.  A few short days down the line, they are rejected, evicted, suspected, indicted and dejected from the high offices and or put out to dry. Continue reading