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PAPER-BACK HEROES                                 01 25 2012


Self-deportation seems to be a GT thing.  The government is creating paper-back heroes out of deportees and licking down authentic scholars and professionals whose only sin is tabulating the gross in-efficiencies and in-effectiveness of Jagdeo and the PPP.  The hard core and hard cover versions of this episodic saga are protected, promoted and preserved at any and all costs. Remember, Jagdeo is still running things through his puppet -Ramotar.

Freddie Kissoon had the rug pulled from under him and GECOM whistle-blower Vincent Alexander, whose day-job is Registrar, University of Guyana.   Jagdeo is also pursuing an active program of ethnic cleansing by shooting down a certain sector of professionals and replacing them with East Asian nationals and criminals in equal doses.   Continue reading