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Buddy Miles – Down By The River.


By EWALT AINSWORTH            06 15 2012

Word has begun to filter out in the diaspora that both Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar have been staging and fully engaged in communicating with Party operatives in hinterland communities in which they have been using the portraits of the Opposition executives as bulls eye for bow and arrow terrorists.  The target practice operatives have also been taking aim at a select group of Lindeners who allegedly have been “obstinate” and not cooperating with the government in charging increased tariffs for electricity.

The portraits of local touchaus and captains who also allegedly supported the opposition APNU/AFC groups have also been placed on tree trunks and home-made screens as part of a deliberate plot to ferment hatred and distrust among the indigenous peoples in the Rupununi and other communities in regions nine and eight.    Continue reading