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POWER-PASSING YOUR PAST         08 24 2012


The 40 or so young adult boys and girls who escaped their jailers in Essequibo for fear of being volunteered for para-military service are back in paddock. No sooner they were all rounded up, a massive fire burnt un-controllably in an office complex and housing area. Police and soldiers from throughout Region Two were galvanized as first responders to the suspicious fires after being mobilized to re-capture the innocent and potential child soldiers according to a reliable source late Thursday evening.

Reports suggest that there has been another failed attempt at recruiting for the Joint Services. The size of new entrants hovers around 170.  For the third consecutive year recruits average 26 and this is exceptionally un-acceptable.  In the past the Home Affairs Ministry has tried recruiting unsuspecting candidates from the Amerindian hostels and riverian communities.  There are some cultural differences hinterland residents have to overcome and this has not proved cost-effective to the PPP.                Continue reading