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Trinidad and Tobago agri groups oppose farming deal with Guyana

Mighty Sparrow – B. G. Plantain


Trinidad and Tobago agri groups oppose farming deal with Guyana

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN).-Reports that the Government plans to provide 10,000 acres of land in Guyana for T&T’s farmers have already stirred up discontentment within the agricultural industry.

Among the groups voicing their concerns are the T&T Agriculture Society, United Farmers Association and the T&T Cane Producers Association. In an interview yesterday, president of the T&T United Farmers Association Shiraz Ali called on the Government to disclose who are the farmers who would stand to benefit from farming in Guyana. He added that development of agricultural land in Guyana would not bring about a dent in T&T’s $4 billion food import bill. Ali said any move to boost agricultural diversification in T&T should be geared at reducing this exorbitant figure which has contributed to escalating inflation. “If those T&T farmers bring in food into the country will it not be considered imported food?  This effort is not going to bring a dent on the food import bill,” he said.           Continue reading



BY Ewalt Ainsworth                                                    02 28 2012

A consortium of former employees of Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC), are re-reuniting but this time as employee/ owners of a new airline. Jamaica will be the regional and operating headquarters of the new airline that will come on stream shortly to ferry Guyanese between and among major hubs like New York, Toronto, Miami, Bridgetown, Kingston and St, Johns, initially.

Flights to North America will be one-hop and non-stop and will be scheduled in such a way that it will not conflict with cultural and industry bottlenecks.  The consortium is working out of Jamaica because they want to have a handle on the tourist industry.  They will also do special charters to Europe and other Caribbean territories on an ‘as-needed’ basis without affecting their core group…the friendly Guyanese and Caribbean peeps.  All fares will be market-driven. Continue reading