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Chalkdust – The Manifesto


By EWALT AINSWORTH                     04 21 2012

The first and only time Prime Minister Sam Hinds had to openly stand up and or stand for anything he messed up.  Sam Hinds has misinformed the masses and has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the comrades in Region 10.  The PM has bamboozled the comrades in Linden and may very well put his own bumbling and fumbling self in harm’s way.  Pressure is building and a chuck may become essential because the folks in Linden are adamant; they are not paying any increases in tariffs now or then.

APNU’s Granger too was never part of the scheme to increase tariffs as alluded to by cunning Finance Minister Ashmi Singh in the 2012 budget and tabled by the Prime Minister.  Some say that Hinds has earned himself the title of persona non grata in his base community and he may very well “get a chuck like Commish Greene and go his merry way.  Mr. Greene bowed to pressure and President Donald Ramotar was happy to see him man-up to his indiscretions.   Continue reading