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Attorney ‘Mortie’ Coddett passes away at 80

Attorney ‘Mortie’ Coddett passes away at 80

Attorney-at-law Mortimer Coddett

The local legal fraternity has lost another longstanding member. Popular Attorney Jonas Mortimer Fitzgerald Coddett passed away Tuesday night in Brooklyn, New York. He was 80.

Coddett, more familiarly known as ‘Mortie’, was born in New Amsterdam, Berbice to Sarah Joyce Coddett and Randolph Coddett. He was the eldest of six children.

He attended the local primary school and Berbice High School. On leaving Berbice High, he worked as a customs officer before emigrating to England to study law. After being called to the bar at Holborn College of Law, University of London, Barrister-at-law Coddett and his family emigrated to Canada to be closer to his extended family.     Continue reading