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SUHANI RAAT (Reggae) – Terry Gajraj – Guyana Baboo


By EWALT AINSWORTH                  04 28 2012

The 2012 budget has passed muster; joy is in tandem and the working class will be given a life certificate and an assurance that the corruption, bamboozling, skullduggery, thievery, deception and oppression has ended.  The Party is over.  Shared governance has begun to bear fruit and the PPP cannot handle it.  They cannot sleep, they cannot eat, they cannot rest; the people have been issued a long awaited life certificate. Commonsense has trumped corruption.

The ‘one-man-pappy-show’ as crafted by the duo, Ramotar and Jagdeo has come to a screeching halt.  They too will have a new life certificate; the old ways of exploitation and condemnation are no longer relevant and applicable. They can’t handle it.            Continue reading

Far apart mek ochra dry-a-tree

Far apart mek ochra dry-a-tree                                01 29 2012


The parting salvo to immediate past President  Bharrat Jagdeo by placebo President Donald Ramotar was “far apart mek ochra dry-a-tree.”  This is a Creole, rustic and crude way in saying…do not leave me this way; do not be long;  please come back and be by my side.

Guyana reach where it going.  A man begging another man not to go.  Even toddlers like their independence from their hovering parents.  Puppies too.  Puppy-dogs are happiest when they can jump around and romp and roll and learn from their experiences.  But not Mr. Ramotar.  One man confided that “birds that can sing(h) and refuse to sing(h) will be made to sing(h).”
This is not necessarily an endorsement by me, but I understand.

It is a robe according to informed sources that has prevented Mr. Ramotar from attending the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2012 (DSDS 2012) in India on February 2-4, 2012.  Mr. Ramotar is still going through his paces under the careful eye of a crack select military group.  He has to learn basic language skills, etiquette, bathroom protocols, technology, communication, military nuances and techniques and dressing for success. Continue reading