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By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             12 06 2012

Here is a Guyanese holiday proverb to mek-yuh-belly-guh:  DOG WID PLENTY MASSA DOES LEFF WITHOUT HAM-BONE.

And a nano-second before this item was blogged Gt authorities found USD 50 million worth of cocaine pellets mixed up course and fine in fish meal destined for China. The day before similar quantities of cocaine was found in drinking straws and immediately prior, cocaine was found in soap powder en route to Malaysia.  Next time there is a bust, the coke may be addressed to Ansan Sushi in Burma (LOL).         Continue reading




By  EWALT AINSWORTH             11 18 2012

The same week the emergency-care-barrels were uprooted from the basements on the East Coast destined for Gt,  is the same time hurricane Sandy come and up-stage entire swaths of homes and apartments without discrimination in the diaspora.  A lot of canaries and soup bowls will be untouched by hand and twice as many empty chairs will be unfilled while families huddle in dank quarters and rude ATM machines lay dormant.  The prognosis is bleak at this time.                           Continue reading

Photos from Sandy not published in the USA

Wild Gilbert- Lovindeer

Photos from Sandy not published in the USA

These are the real photos and videos of the storm:

After the storm: True scale of Sandy’s devastation across Eastern Seaboard emerges….

By Louise Boyle – Daily Mail

PUBLISHED: 03:26 GMT, 30 October 2012 | UPDATED: 13:21 GMT, 31 October 2012

Chris Rock – Message for White Voters

Chris Rock – Message for White Voters


Chris Rock – Obama having a Black wife


By EWALT AINSWORTH      11 05 2012

Some suburbanites and exurbanites in New Jersey got a rude awakening on the eve of elections; earthquake struck in parts of Passaic and Bergen counties (2.0 on Richter scale).  Election officials also simultaneously announced that affected residents from both hurricane Sandy and earthquake can vote by e-mail/fax in addition to paper ballots.  Some fast Guyanese types are querying if perhaps they will have to stick their finger in a red-ink jar as they cope with red eyes brought on by a multiplicity of inconveniences.

Weather forecasts are predicting more storms on both Wednesday and Thursday.  And Governor Christie has established a hot-line for persons who have been separated from their pets.  Rationing of gas is in high gear; the last digit on your license plate is an odd number you can buy petrol on that day; even numbers can buy on even number days.  And if you have no car but need gas to run your generator then  contact your neighbor or just dial 011 592… new-wave (of inconveniences).                 Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy – Wild is the wind


Hurricane Sandy – Wild is the wind

This week’s storm showed American crisis management at its best, yet raised questions about long-term planning


THE southern tip of Queens was the worst hit part of New York. Waves tore apart boardwalks, and swept through streets, causing floods more than five feet (1.6 metres) deep. Cars floated onto lawns. As the waters retreated, they left behind urban sand-dunes. A fire, started by the storm, destroyed more than 110 homes in Breezy Point. Across the city, at least 22 people lost their lives during the night of October 29th-30th, out of at least 50 Americans known to have been killed by the storm. At least 70 people were killed by it in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy, at 900 miles across the largest tropical storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, hit New York and New Jersey especially hard, though damage was done in much of America’s north-east. That the loss of life was not far greater (a hurricane that hit New England in 1938 killed up to 800 people) owed much to the emergency response of the authorities, with Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg to the fore. They were ably supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), partially offsetting its ignominy in New Orleans in 2005. Yet the storm exposed vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the self-styled capital of the world, which will need to be addressed before an even stronger hurricane blows its way, as sooner or later it will.  [ read more]


SANDY IN NAME AND NATURE (sand-in my shoes)


SANDY  IN NAME AND NATURE (sand-in my shoes)          

By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 30 2012

Now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy has moved further north, officials are calling on residents buckling in black outs to clear their freezers after 48 hours and 24 hours after their fridges have lost power.   Al Roker has sand in his shoe as he traverses what used to be the boardwalk and spreading a message of doing for self to rebuild.

A digital thermometer may also be a good thing to check food before consumption irrespective of the expiry date.

Schools are still closed and some office campuses have limited activity.  Power supplies will not be back to normal on or around the 5th of November…election eve.  There is debris, there are trees and there is sand in my-shoes after the water had receded.    Continue reading

Obama, Romney Debates # 2&3 Clinton explains Romney’s Tax Cut

Cocoa Tea – Barack Obama Song

Obama, Romney – Presidential Debate – Round 3

Read more:

Romney, Obama Debate – Round 2:

President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney’s $5 Trillion Tax Cut

The genetics of politics

The Obama Song 2012   << click to play



Oct 6th 2012 | from the print edition – The Economist magazine

The genetics of politics

Body politic

Slowly, and in some quarters grudgingly, the influence of genes in shaping political outlook and behaviour is being recognised

IN 1882 W.S. Gilbert wrote, to a tune by Sir Arthur Sullivan, a ditty that went “I often think it’s comical how Nature always does contrive/that every boy and every gal that’s born into the world alive/is either a little Liberal or else a little Conservative.”

In the 19th century, that view, though humorously intended, would not have been out of place among respectable thinkers. The detail of a man’s opinion might be changed by circumstances. But the idea that much of his character was ingrained at birth held no terrors. It is not, however, a view that cut much ice in 20th-century social-scientific thinking, particularly after the Second World War. Those who allowed that it might have some value were generally shouted down and sometimes abused, along with all others vehemently suspected of the heresy of believing that genetic differences between individuals could have a role in shaping their behavioural differences.  [Read more   The genetics of politics]

OP-ED: International Day of the Girl Child

David Rudder – High Mas

OP-ED: International Day of the Girl Child 

by US Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt.

Last year, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to declare today’s date as the International Day of the Girl Child to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges they face around the world.  This resolution also seeks to galvanize global commitments to end gender stereotypes, discrimination, violence, and economic disparities that disproportionately affect girls.

While the world has seen important progress in expanding opportunity for women and girls, significant gaps remain in  their level of political participation and economic opportunity.  A growing body of evidence makes clear  that political and economic empowerment among women is critical to fostering international peace and security, growing vibrant market economies, and supporting open and accountable governance.  That is why the Obama Administration has ensured that promoting the rights of women is fully-integrated into the formulation and conduct of U.S. foreign policy.              Continue reading