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Progress, at last: Immigration Reform in America


Progress, at last, on making things easier for immigrants to America

April, 2013 – The Economist magazine

“EVERY major policy issue has been resolved,” declared Charles Schumer, one of eight senators seeking to draft a bipartisan bill to reform America’s immigration system. The “Gang of Eight”, he continued, would unveil their proposal in days; it would putter through the Judiciary Committee this month, and reach the Senate floor in May. “We’re on track,” the Democrat concluded, in a television interview this week. If he is right, an issue that has dogged American politics for a generation, left 11m people in limbo and steadily undermined the Republican Party’s prospects, is on the verge of resolution.

Not everyone, even within the Gang of Eight, seems quite so confident. Marco Rubio, the group’s most conservative member, says reports of success “are premature”. At least one element of the bill, a scheme to admit agricultural workers on a temporary basis, has proved especially thorny to negotiate. Many Republicans are still averse to any reprieve for America’s 11m illegal immigrants, despite the dreadful showing this stance earned them among Hispanic voters at last year’s elections. But the momentum in favour of reform is clearly building.  [Read more]



Immigration reform: Obama has got it right

CRAZY — Before I Die

Immigration reform:

An area where Barack Obama has got it right

EVERYBODY knows that America’s immigration system is a mess. It turns away too many useful people—skilled scientists and engineers at one end of the pay scale, agricultural labourers at the other. And it also leaves 11m people—the mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants who have often worked in America for years yet fear the knock on the door followed by summary deportation to a country they no longer know—to live within its borders but in the shadows.   [Read more]



Address by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, at Howard University


Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, At Howard University’s 145th Convocation, September 28, 2012.


 In my own family, that legacy of oppression overcome weighed on my late father, Emmett Rice. He was a brilliant, proud man-an economics professor a senior official at the Treasury Department and the World  Bank, and a Governor of the Federal Reserve Board. But his life of service came despite ferocious odds. My dad grew up between the wars in segregated South Carolina, and he never forgot the sting of separate and unequal. He served our country proudly in World War II, as an officer with the Tuskegee Airmen, but he forever resented the irony and inequity of fighting for freedom in a stubbornly segregated military. Dad had to learn to believe in himself by himself, to dismiss the taunting message of Jim Crow that he was somehow less of a man. He overcame that  trauma-but he never forgot that he had to endure it. Throughout his career, Dad sought to lift up others so they could seize the  opportunities he was almost denied.                Continue reading





By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             12 06 2012

Here is a Guyanese holiday proverb to mek-yuh-belly-guh:  DOG WID PLENTY MASSA DOES LEFF WITHOUT HAM-BONE.

And a nano-second before this item was blogged Gt authorities found USD 50 million worth of cocaine pellets mixed up course and fine in fish meal destined for China. The day before similar quantities of cocaine was found in drinking straws and immediately prior, cocaine was found in soap powder en route to Malaysia.  Next time there is a bust, the coke may be addressed to Ansan Sushi in Burma (LOL).         Continue reading




By  EWALT AINSWORTH             11 18 2012

The same week the emergency-care-barrels were uprooted from the basements on the East Coast destined for Gt,  is the same time hurricane Sandy come and up-stage entire swaths of homes and apartments without discrimination in the diaspora.  A lot of canaries and soup bowls will be untouched by hand and twice as many empty chairs will be unfilled while families huddle in dank quarters and rude ATM machines lay dormant.  The prognosis is bleak at this time.                           Continue reading

Photos from Sandy not published in the USA

Wild Gilbert- Lovindeer

Photos from Sandy not published in the USA

These are the real photos and videos of the storm:

After the storm: True scale of Sandy’s devastation across Eastern Seaboard emerges….

By Louise Boyle – Daily Mail

PUBLISHED: 03:26 GMT, 30 October 2012 | UPDATED: 13:21 GMT, 31 October 2012

Chris Rock – Message for White Voters

Chris Rock – Message for White Voters