A NOT SO HAPPY VALENTINE – By Waltie Ainsworth



Valentine in 1970 was not such a happy one for a big man named Cuomo who was an employee of the Guyana Electricity Corporation and based in the Peoples Republic of Victoria on the East Coast of Demerara in Guyana.

Truth be told Cuomo was a condemned married man with a few extra dollars in his pocket and loud gold in his mouth, around his neck and a slave band on his left hand and lots and lots of sweet talk. Since mid- afternoon, he was drinking upstairs at the Penthouse Restaurant and Bar. Soon, he was introduced to a young lady who worked with the local government office in Naarstigheid.

Cuomo thought she was from Suriname not knowing that Naarstigheid was the village district that covered Hopetown, West Coast Berbice.  And so this burly, fit and trim big man in an attempt to impress the lady, decorated her table with Old Kaie whiskey and all the food and chicken-in-the-rough she can eat.    

Cuomo did not take time to know her and was all over her as the band on stage struck up music as the evening set in.  The band on stage was Curtis MGS and the love songs came ripping thru one after another and Cuomo had her on her feet lyric after lyric, song after song.

And so after a straight set of songs reflective of the era featuring Dobby Dobson and Sweet Dreams, the woman complained of being tired and Cuomo got up and moved to another table.  And when he looked back and around, there she was dancing with another man closer and much closer than she was dancing with him.

Cuomo’s mad vein and jealousness came alive and when he could not take it anymore he made a mad dash for the verandah from the 11 storied Penthouse Nite Club and tried to jump over in a suicide attempt.  And one of his friends at the very last minute before he made the plunge held him back and brought him back to his righteous self-questioning the reason for such a drastic action as suicide.

The guy that brought him back was called Beam. Beam told him that if perhaps he jumped, he may find himself breaking the fall and be still alive. Beam advised him that if he really wanted to die he must go down stairs and try jumping up to the 11th floor. Cuomo took his advice with a grain of salt.  In the meantime the woman disappeared with her new beau never worried or concerned about the wellbeing and or well fare of Cuomo that Valentine nite.




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