Beril for a number of years in North America worked as Mental Health Technician and was very good at it.  As a matter of fact she worked in Morristown with veterans for almost 20 years and was exceptionally, competent and efficient and won several awards on the job.  But then a time came when some of the symptoms of the clients started rubbing off on her and her family and friends felt it was the familiarity of the job that was the beginning of  the obsessive/ compulsive  kind of behaviors. 

And so Beril made a conscious decision at  a matured 55 years of age to switch to Hospice Nursing in her  adopted community of Newark and avoid the 36 mile trek up and down the rolling hills to Morristown five and six days a week.   

Beril when she left her old job came to her new job highly recommended and well qualified. and so she took the opportunity to downsize and reorganise her life and life style.     At the interview the salary that was   offered, comparatively speaking it was better and she lived ten minutes from her home .   

Beril opted for the nite shift to get the nite differential and worked  12 hour shifts three days a week  and got paid as if she had worked a complete 40 hours.  She was so happy that she also changed her wardrobe and made it a regular feature to have her hair done and nails done weekly.        She also planned exotic trips on her days off and found more time to go to the casinos and restaurants with her family.

And when Christmas rolled around Beril opted to work  for Christmas and took her name off the schedule for the new year. 

This would have been the first time in almost 20 years Beril  had the opportunity to be off old years and new years and so she planned to fete and misbehave with her Boopsie. Her Boopsie lived in a different town with his own family and was Beril’s part time lover.

But unfortunately old years morning she got a call from the nursing manager asking her to come in because several of the other nurses were stranded in  their suburban communities due to the weather.  Beril was very pleasant and  obliged and went in for the nite.  She got an extra 300 dollars plus her regular pay and nite differential and so when she came out new years morning she went straight to church to offer her blessings and get blessings for the ensuing year.

While in church Beril got another call from the same nursing supervisor to come back in and work new years as well and she complied because she needed the money.

And so when church was done at  around 3pm rather than go home where her lover was laying in waiting  she went straigh back to work four hours ahead of her scheduled time.  Beril did not check in instead she secluded herself in an empty patients room and did not call home or tell the other staff she was there.

And so sometime late in the evening after her shift started, the Manager did not see her report for duty and so she called her cell phone once twice and thrice not knowing Beril was fast asleep on the job but not on the clock.  The manager knew something was wrong and so she called her home and the Bhoopsie was very argumentative and in his deep Gt accent told the Nurse Manager that his wife was on the job since the nite before.

Bhoopsie was right but not so right and when  11pm rolled around Beril got up from her slumber and crawled out to her station slightly embarrassed and was accosted by the nurse.  She could not tell them the truth that she was on the job and so they told her they did not need her anymore for the nite shift as agreed but if she wanted to stay she could but at regular pay.

Beril worked though the nite but when she got home read Bhoopsie the riot act.  She first thanked him for  abandoning his own family to come keep her bed warm and for baking and cooking and cleaning but demanded that he pay her the three hundred dollars she missed out onthe job.

She further said that it was a new year and hence a new beginning and if the relationship is to get any better he had to abort his family and rather than pay her bills learn to pay attention to her and her  needs whatever that means.

And with that Bhoopsie  grabbed his cell phone and back pack and was out of there never to return.  In his head  night nurses are difficult to please.



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