Three elderly Guyanese pass on – By Waltie Ainsworth

Three elderly Guyanese pass on

By Waltie Ainsworth

Norman "Star" Armstrong

Norman “Star” Armstrong

On Friday January 20th, the family of Norman “Star” Armstrong, will funeralise him in Brooklyn New York.

Star as he was familiarly called was 98 and lived with his eldest son James, in East Orange new Jersey.  Star last known address in Guyana was north East la Penitence and he retired in 1973 from the Fire Service.

This writer for more than four decades was a family friend of the Armstrongs and on the eve of the American elections last November, Star called to remind my family to get out and vote for the Democratic ticket. Word on the street is that after the Republican ticket emerged victorious, Star lost hope and threw in the towel. His health rapidly declined and he was hospitalized never to recover from a bout of pneumonia.  

Service and viewing of NORMAN ARMSTRONG: Friday 20, 2017. At New Life Center of Truth 2400 Snyder Avenue. Viewing 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm Service 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm. Repast will be in the ball room of same building.


And on Friday 13th January the children of Kenneth Baynes took his body home to Guyana, from Toronto where he resided for almost 44 years prior to his death.

Uncle Kenneth or KB as he was familiarly called retired from the Department of Health, Mahaica Hospital, and pursued an encore profession as a joiner and furniture designer in Canada.  He was a native of Victoria and as a boy; this writer did a period of apprenticeship with him making furniture and decorative items.

Uncle Kenneth in those days was extremely energetic and a prolific cow farmer.  He raised several animals and would share paynoose with the young men of the village as a protein drink.

He was also a committed church-goer and lodge brother. Also a great conversationalist and philantrophist. The local community will surely miss this man who some years ago celebrated his 90th birthday.


And over the New Year period in Trinidad, Ms Marie Patricia Pierre-Chung was funeralised on January 3rd.  She was 104 and had migrated in the latter fifties but returned to her native Seafield in the 60s but not for long.

It was in her second spring that this writer had gotten to know her and her offspring.

Miss Marie always maintained her Guyanese roots and culture even though she lived in Trinidad.  She always organised major sittings when her family and friends came visiting in the twin Island Republic.

At her funeral a fortnight ago, a semi charter was organised from Guyana to give her a royal send off befitting the matriarch of the Pierre family of West Berbice.

Fear thee well my county men and fair lady.





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