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With the advent of the 2016 INDABA I decided to offer the wider community a bit of the history of this colourful hamlet named Victoria Village.

Victoria Village, originally Pln. Northbrook lies some eighteen miles East of the capital city Georgetown. As far as records go it was owned by the Scottish family, The Baillie’s who also owned Pln. Dochfour. There still remains, a few miles into the farm lands, an area known as Baillie’s Polder which is famous for its yams.

Latterly, the mulatto, Hugh Rogers became the owner and on his death his executors sold the abandoned cotton estate to 63 manumitted Africans who hailed from neighboring estates of Ann’s Grove, Dochfour, Hope, Enmore and Paradise. The date of the purchase was Thursday, November 7th, 1839. In the year, 2013 November 7th was a Thursday and in the following years of the first half of this century, Thursday November 7th will occur 5 more times: 2019, 2024, 2030, 2041 and 2047.   Continue reading

First-Village Indaba & Observance of Inaugural National Day of Villages

First-Village Indaba & Observance of Inaugural National Day of Villages

The Fourth First-Village Indaba will commence on Thursday, November 3rd under the theme of “Reconstruction” and conclude four days later on the evening of the inaugural observance ofa National Day of Villages. The Indaba Planning Committee shifted the event that is usually held during Emancipation Week as a way of acknowledgement of President David Granger’s foresight and the significant symbolic decision to designate November 7 – National Day of Villages.

The Indaba Committee is in harmony with the breadth of the Head of State’s designation of the observance as it honours and celebrates the pioneering contribution of all villages and acknowledges the continuing pivotal role of villages in the economic, social, and political life of Guyana. We also view the selection of the date of November 7 as a posthumous honorific bestowal on our Ancestors – the 83 Proprietors who daringly purchased Plantation Northbrook and emerged a code for the management of the village they named after Queen Victoria.   Continue reading