50th Independence Anniversary Message from Victoria’s Hugh A. Saul, Honorary Consul, Guyana Consulate Belize

Hugh Saul

Hugh A. Saul

Hugh Saul   May 26 2016

50th Independence Anniversary Message from Victoria’s Hugh A. Saul, Honorary Consul, Guyana Consulate Belize

Guyana 50th LogoMay 26th 2016, marks the 50th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, which took place on May 26, 1966. Fifty years, is but a short time in the life of a country, and today as we reflect on our Independence, we are mindful of the struggles of our forefathers who, over many centuries toiled, fought, resisted and in some cases died, in the cause of freedom and basic human rights. Our forefathers joined our Amerindian brothers and sisters in British Guyana by force of European arms, as they were transported from Africa, Portugal, China and India to create and develop what is now Guyana.

Guyana’s march to Political Independence was not an easy one. Our forefathers survived slavery, indentureship, colonial domination, physical and emotional hardships as they journeyed towards political independence.

Today, as we extend that struggle towards economic independence, we are mindful of the challenges that lie ahead of us as we march on this road, which hopefully, will bring prosperity to all of Guyana’s sons and daughters.

On Friday May 20, 2016, Mr. Clifford Reis, Executive Chairman of Banks Breweries, Guyana Limited, speaking at the dedication ceremony of the 50th Anniversary Independence Arch, at the southern entrance to the city of Georgetown in Peters Hall, dedicated the Arch to “A new beginning, a new horizon”. My interpretation of the thesis he presented, speaks to the need for a new strategic thinking, human endeavour and enterprise, hard work, dedication, national unity and respect for each other, in meeting the challenges demanded in President David Granger’s call for “a good life for all”.

Guyana is a blessed country with dedicated and hardworking people, large expanses of good agricultural lands, enormous deposits of mineral wealth, water and a good climate. What we need is, the Leadership in both the Private and Public Sectors to make the good life possible.

We in Belize are part of the Guyana Diaspora, and we too have roles to play in Guyana’s development. This can take many forms, such as saving and investing in Guyana, making our technical skills available to the country, holidaying in Guyana, promoting the economic and developmental opportunities available to investors, and being good ambassadors for Guyana.

At times like these, we tend to highlight roles and contributions of our political leaders. Today I want to depart a little from that line of thought and seek to remember:

  1. Some of our Women leaders who fought for Guyana, such as: Winifred Gaskin, Ceciline Baird, Jane Phillips-Gaye, Philomena Sahoye, Jessica Burnham.
  2. Some of our unsung heroes such as: Eusi Kwayana, Jai Naraine Singh, Peter D’Aguiar, R. E. Cheeks, Dr. J. P. Latchmansingh, Pandit Reepu Deman Persaud, Hon. J. A. Luckhoo.
  3. Some of our cultural icons such as:  R. C. J. Potter, Billie Pilgrim, Celeste and Lynette Dolphin.
  4. Some of our pre-Independence heroes such as: Dr. Claude Denbow, Sir John Carter, Rev. D. C. J. Bobb, Hon. Claude Merriman, Sir Lionel Luckhoo, Professor J. O. F. Haynes, Balram Singh Rai, Dr. Walter Rodney, Hon. W. O. R. Kendall, Bishop George  Sugrim Singh and
  5. Lastly, we salute our past and present Heads of State: Sir David Rose, Sir Arthur Chung, Hon. Lynden Forbes Sampson Burnham,  Hon. Hugh Desmond Hoyte,  Hon. Dr. Cheddie Jagan, Hon. Janet Jagan, Hon. Bharrat Jagdeo,  Hon. Donald Ramotar, and Hon. Brigadier General David Granger.

In closing I say: To God be the Glory God bless the illustrious sons and daughters of Guyana God bless this gathering God bless the Co-operative Republic of Guyana



Golden Jubilee Music Video – Guyana 50th Independence  – video

Published on May 27, 2016

Guyana; The Land of many Waters, celebrated our 50th year of Independence with our National Flag Raising ceremony and Float Parade. Cut to the sounds of one of Guyana’s premier voices singing her patriotic rendition, ‘Rise Guyana’ we present you with our perspective of the Golden Jubilee…



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