Jagdeo staged walk out – DEM BOYS SEH Jagdeo playing dead fuh see ee funeral

Jagdeo playing dead fuh see ee funeral


Jagdeo and PPP invitees seated at Golden Jubilee Flag-raising ceremony – 25-26 May 2016. They walked out and said they did not have seats.. but we see them sitting here.

Giving money and power to a government is like giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys. Dem does get reckless and dangerous. Guyana give power to Jagdeo when he was a good li’l boy. Everybody – every race, every colour, every creed – believe that Guyana would a see a change.

Of course, Guyana did get a change, but de wrang kind. It change fuh de worse. It use to smell so bad that de smell reach overseas. He corrupt de whole place. De power get him so drunk that he mek Burnham look like an altar bai.
Burnham dead in office and Jagdeo think he coulda do de same thing, all because of power. That is why he had de nerve to fight for a third term. He tell dem boys that was he ticket to heaven.

He come out of office and put in Donald Dumb. He use to control de purse strings through Donald back pocket.
When Donald get kick out, he outsmart de whole party and become opposition leader. Dem boys hear when he seh if he didn’t become de opposition leader he woulda kill heself.
De party members discuss among demself that Jagdeo was “de man who put money in we pocket and even in we backyard”.
De first thing he do when he become opposition leader was lead a walkout from Parliament. Since then he always do negative things to get in de limelight. De reason he walk out was because he think he was de president and nobody can’t talk down to him.
He walk out like a big man but after then ee going back like a li’l boy.
Soulja Bai invite him and his team to de flag raising fuh de big 50. Dem see him and he team sitting in de VIP enjoying de spectacle of de night.
Yet de next day dem boys hear he and he team walk out saying how they were disrespected, because dem didn’t get seat. Look at de photo below and see who sitting. He playing dead fuh see wha funeral he gun get. Dem boys seh suh.
He think that by walking out he woulda ketch de cameras and spoil Guyana’s occasion. He lie. Nobody ain’t see when he walk out. Somebody call dem boys and tell dem how de news been pun he illegal radio station.
Dem boys use to tell all Guyana that de scamp Jagdeo is unhealthy for Guyana and he is more unhealthy for a relationship, be it woman or man.
Talk half and don’t give him no publicity.
Golden Jubilee Music Video – Guyana 50th Independence  – video
Published on May 27, 2016

Guyana; The Land of many Waters, celebrated our 50th year of Independence with our National Flag Raising ceremony and Float Parade. Cut to the sounds of one of Guyana’s premier voices singing her patriotic rendition, ‘Rise Guyana’ we present you with our perspective of the Golden Jubilee…

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