It was a Monday Nite Anniversary and Initiation Mass in Ottawa


By Waltie Ainsworth

Guyana HC -Clarissa-Riehl

Guyana HC – Clarissa-Riehl

There are some 350,000 Guyanese families living in Canada and a representative amount of  them were hard pressed to recall and recount a joyful time compliments of their Government and  freshly minted Consul General, Ms. Clarissa Rehil.

Ms. Rehil took up the position in Ottawa about six weeks ago and has become an instant hit  among the Caribbean nationals in Canada. All the representative countries in Ottawa have  women as their Charge D’ Affaires and so as Guyana observes its 50th anniversary as an  independent nation, no investment was spared to showcase the growth and development of the  Guyanese community.

On the evening of  Monday May 16th at the legendary Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown  Ottawa, scores of Guyanese and members of the host country and government participated in a  regal cocktail which showcased the flora and fauna, a photographic exhibition of the birds and  animals of Guyana and the places of interest and industries in Guyana. 

Ms. Rehil in a verbal presentation reminded her august listeners that Canada has always been a
great partner in Guyana’s Mining and Forestry industries. She also noted that former Prime
Minister, Mr. Pierre Trudeau had visited Guyana twice and noted that his son who is now current
Prime Minister, should be informed of this special relationship between and among the peoples of
the respective counties.

During the reception, the high commissioner ensured that all attendees received a magazine
featuring the songs and national anthem of Guyana, a replica of the beverages produced in
Guyana and a solid treat of foods that ensures the people are always ready and healthy to
undertake all challenges ahead of them.

And over the weekend preceding the Monday nite mass, Ms. Clarissa Rehil who is a former
Commissioned Officer in the military and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, participated in a
dinner and dance sponsored jointly by the Ottawa Guyana Association and the Hindu community
in Ottawa. There were three DJs and a live session of drummers performing in the chutney
idiom. And there were other cultural presentations.

And across town at City Hall that evening the  Black Scholarship Fund chaired by Reverend
Elizabeth Anne December-Lovell, hosted the 20th anniversary dinner and presentation of the
The fund has to its credit more than 400 thousand Canadian dollars in escrow and over the years
has distributed some 252 thousand dollars to young folks from the Caribbean and Africa.

Meanwhile some 237 known Guyanese from Ottawa and Montreal are heading to Guyana for the
month end celebrations and they too got a rousing send off by the Counsel General last Monday





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